turkey and dressing


Last week I was in Target and spotted these adorable booties. I walked out of the store without them, but I’ve spent the last four to six days creating outfits in my head to justify going back this weekend and buying a pair. As if a $29.99 purchase requires so much consideration; I’ve spent less time pulling the trigger on a $22 tube of lipgloss.
I took my ideas to Polyvore (the second largest time vortex, after Pinterest) and put together a little something for Thanksgiving with the family. Colorful cords and/or denim has been on my shopping list since the start of the season, and these Lauren Conrad skinny cords are the perfect color for fall. Added bonus: corduroy stretches nicely, a requirement for holiday gluttony. I added a pretty feminine blouse  — with extra flounce and flowiness — and topped it with a denim vest to keep things casual. {I’ve been on a hunt for an inexpensive secondhand denim jacket to turn into a vest, but no luck so far!} Garnished with simple accessories in autumn tones, and it’s my ideal head-to-toe for a day of family, food, and football!
What will you wear for the holiday?

13 thoughts on “turkey and dressing

  1. Totally bought those shoes last weekend after seeing a similar pair on Pinterest. L-O-V-E them and this outfit!


  2. Try an Old Navy clearance section for an inexpensive denim jacket… I saw a bunch yesterday when I went through!


  3. This is a perfect outfit! Chic, yet comfortable! You should def go get those booties! I think a lot of us will be on the search for them as well:)


  4. So cute. I was just at my Target and did not see any such booties!! You should go back and get those for sure. Enjoy!! Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. great Thanksgiving outfit! I think you need to head back to Target and grab thos booties, I’m sure you’ll find ample outfits to pair them with:)

    Love the site redesign btw:)


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