saturday uniform


Hubs and I work almost every Saturday, and if our schedules align we carpool {because we’re cheap green}. The general mood around our house as we roll out of bed 10 minutes before we need to head out the door goes a little something like this:

We’re only going to work until lunchtime, so showers are optional.

Ironing, however, is not an option.

It’s perfectly acceptable to wear the same pants you wore to work the day before. Sometimes the same shirt, but it must first pass a sniff test by the other half.

Keira understands that it’s more important to allocate an extra 10 minutes for a stop at Dunkin Donuts than to spend the same amount of time perfecting her hair and/or makeup.

Chad understands that no matter how many times he says, “babe, we gotta go!” it’s not really going to make Keira move any faster. {morning person I am not.}

15 thoughts on “saturday uniform

  1. I’ve been obsessing over this vest for….well, weeks now. Can’t seem to find it on the JCP website, which I’m guessing is because you bought it a while back. Any suggestions on similar styles?!


  2. I feel as though I just read my own morning routine when my husbands and I both are heading to work…pure craziness. And makes me want a bigger bathroom:) Love those boots!


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