Decree Utility Jacket c/o jcpenney | Ralph Lauren striped cardi | Sunny Leigh silk rosette blouse (Macy’s clearance a few years ago) | Lucky Brand Sundown jeans | Tipper Braided Hobo c/o Handbag Heaven | Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Fuchsia 

Meet my favorite safari vest’s cousin, the utility jacket. I’ve very nearly worn that vest to death, so I thought she could use a break. When I was at jcpenney a couple weeks ago shopping for an upcoming collabo (stay tuned) I came across this cute little number in the juniors department. I usually don’t venture into junior territory since everything’s cut for 2×4’s, but jackets I can do.

I will wear this utility jacket at least once a week. Consider yourself warned.

What Do You Think?

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  1. Sharon wrote:

    Check the clearance rack. I had my eye on this jacket and went back to get it and it was 19.99 plus I had a $10.00 off a $10.00 purchase. Score so I bought new earings as well!

    Posted 12.1.11 Reply
  2. One of my faves I’ve seen you in so far. Love the utilitarian and nautical combo and the colors. Plus, the bag is FAB!


    Posted 11.27.11 Reply
  3. I love that jacket, and I love JCP. Need to check my local one and see if they have it there :-)

    Posted 11.26.11 Reply
  4. Anonymous wrote:

    I have that jacket as well please give us some more ideals on what to pair with it

    Posted 11.25.11 Reply
  5. Melissa N wrote:

    love the layering! i feel like i need a good army jacket/shirt, yours is perfect!


    Posted 11.25.11 Reply
  6. Christine wrote:

    Love the layers! I wear my new blazer about once a week now!

    Posted 11.23.11 Reply
  7. Elizabeth wrote:

    Love the jacket, especially paired with the stripes underneath. I think the *real* star here is your lipstick though…amazing. Your skin is looking flawless these days too!

    Posted 11.23.11 Reply
  8. Annie wrote:

    LOVE this….really makes the outfit!

    The Other Side of Gray

    Posted 11.23.11 Reply
  9. Love the outfit, and the lipstick is the cherry on top! Looks great!

    Posted 11.23.11 Reply
  10. Terri wrote:

    LOVE the jacket with the striped shirt. I have a black-and-white striped shirt, so I may need to get my hands on a utility jacket so I can effectively steal this!

    Posted 11.23.11 Reply
  11. very cute outfit!

    Posted 11.23.11 Reply
  12. CessOviedo wrote:

    Without a doubt that jacket is my favorite of yours, all the combos you come up with are amazing!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  13. oolung wrote:

    Hey, I’ve got one that looks exactly the same! :-)

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  14. Kayla wrote:

    OMG, I’ve been obsessing over the safari vest for days (weeks really, but that sounds embarassing)….I’ve googled, even ebay’d. I’m buying this asap. Can I ask how the Juniors sizing compares to regular people sizing? I’m a small in women’s sizes, but worried I might need a medium. Help?

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  15. Melina wrote:

    Oh I love that jacket, especially paired with the stripes! Hahah, your 2×4 comment is priceless!

    xx Melina

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  16. Robin wrote:

    Love this vest! If I remember correctly, the vest you speak of is the one from Old Navy? I have the same one. And . . . I’m wearing it today. And I wear it all the time. Should we indulge in a little ONVA? (Old Navy Vest Anonymous) ;-)

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  17. ppfgirl wrote:

    I have a utility jacket & cargo vest and I’m so glad to know I’m not the only one wearing them non-stop! They are so easy to layer over other pieces and perfect for fall – love this look :)

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  18. 7cakes wrote:

    love this outfit. Just my kind of thing. cute jacket =D

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  19. amy moore wrote:

    you never posted manicure monday :( my nails are naked for lack of inspiration

    Posted 11.22.11 Reply
  20. No wonder you love that jacket! It is amazing. I’m not surprised we both love it, though, given our mutual affection for the vest version!


    Posted 11.22.11 Reply