weekend giveaway: love your “assets”



bisou bisou sweater dress, Decree utility jacket, and floral ASSETS by Sara Blakely Shaper Tights in Floral c/o jcpenney | Target boots (2009) | sock bun!


Okay ladies, imagine your beloved SPANX and your favorite patterned tights falling in love and having a super-shaper-legwear baby. It has happened, ya’ll. And it’s beautiful. Meet ASSETS® by Sara Blakely — pretty shapewear that flattens your tummy while simultaneously smoothing your thighs and rear, created by the lady who made butts and thighs better all over the world with SPANX.

jcpenney shipped me a pair, and then sent me on a little shopping trip to find a fall outfit to “show off my ASSETS®,” if you will. So I decided to put them to the ultimate test with a snug little sweater dress from bisou bisou — a style I usually wouldn’t dare wear without substantial leggings or skinny jeans underneath. The ASSETS® didn’t disappoint. Not only do they deliver on the shaping promise SPANX is famous for, they’re cute and comfortable, too! And — here’s the best part — available at a lower price point than the original, with prices ranging from $14 to $18.

Want to see for yourself? jcpenney is giving away one pair of ASSETS® by Sara Blakely Shaper Tights in floral to one lucky APP reader! To enter, leave a comment telling me what item of clothing you usually avoid, but may be brave enough to try with a little help from ASSETS®. No international entries, please. You have until Monday night at 11:59PM EAST to enter!


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  1. 12.20.11
    shapewear said:

    I am in a wedding in a week and my dress is about an inch from closing. Someone told me to buy Spanx, but will they actually make me smaller so I will fit in my dress?

  2. 12.8.11
    Fatima M said:

    I avoid wearing short dresses just because i dont want my thunder thighs to peak through! But these seem like my solution!! :)

  3. 12.6.11

    Ooooh how fun! I might be persuaded to try on that tight mini skirt for new years eve if all meh thighs were tucked in snug as a bug. You look smokin’ girl.

  4. 12.5.11
    Jeanna said:

    I have been wanting to try Assets by Sara Blakely tights for a while now! Clingy sweater dresses make great shapewear a necessity. Like you, I usually avoid them unless I have a really great pair of tights!

  5. 12.5.11
    Katie said:

    I usually wear pants to work, but I think I would try pencil skirts more often if I had these!! (Plus, I love the floral print!!)

  6. 12.5.11
    Katie Stewart said:

    Mine would definitely be the high-waisted pencil skirts. Cuteas a button, but also about to bust one! Haha Hope I get these and I will go buy myself a pencil skirt! :)

  7. 12.5.11
    Ashley said:

    I shy away from the sweater dresses that are super clingy in all the “right” (or wrong, however you look at it!) places.

  8. 12.5.11
    leslie said:

    I always avoid clingy materials that are all too unforgiving on any bumps or lumps…with the right shapewear, I just may show off my ASSETS!

  9. 12.5.11
    Judy said:

    I recently got a black Liz Claiborne dress from JCP that would look perfect with those floral ASSETS tights. I am thrilled that so many of my fall and summer dresses I can now transition into winter without worrying about pantyhose lines!! Thanks for the tip!!

  10. 12.5.11
    Christina said:

    Fitted sweater dresses without a doubt, require a little unseen helper for me. I like my curves, but there is nothing like some nice shapewear to smooth out those ridges.

  11. 12.5.11
    Kate M. said:

    I usually avoid clingly maxi dresses or skirts but with a pair of these SPanx tighs I just might have the courage to try and pull it off. Love the way you styled the outfit with the boots!!

  12. 12.5.11
    Annie said:

    LOVE this jacket over the dress…looks great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. 12.4.11
    Essence Brown said:

    Item of clothing I run from: high waisted full skirts! I work in an office where I love to tuck in my tops. But i find that when you tuck in an oxford into a full skirt you can look really heavy on bottom! I would love to wear a pleated skirt and a big oxford tee. (a la diane keaton!) But I NEED the spanx!

  14. 12.4.11
    christina nguyen said:

    Love the outfit!!! I always tend to body con dresses! So many girls can rock them, but with them being so short and fitted, my tummy and thighs say no way!

  15. 12.4.11
    Kristen said:

    I have this super cute sweater dress I’ve worn ONCE. I didn’t notice how snug it was on me until I got to work and a coworker commented on it. Needless to say, I sat for the rest of the day! :(
    I’d love to show off my ASSETS® in that dress and feel confident while doing so!

  16. 12.4.11
    Davonne Head said:

    I usually avoid skirts that are tight. I would love to be able to rock some skirts with those tights!

  17. 12.4.11
    Kristin said:

    Tight dresses! Love how they look, but not on me! Spanx might just do the trick, though :-)

  18. 12.4.11
    becky said:

    very cute tights! i am with you and would wear them with dress and boots!

  19. 12.3.11
    Kellie said:

    I was just eyeing a pair of these tights tonight, but they only had a diamond shape pattern at the store I was at. This floral is adorable! I’d wear them with my ruched, contoured Express dress that I can only wear as a dress (I usually wear it as a shirt) on my skinniest of skinny days. Which are never.

  20. 12.3.11
    Marianne said:

    I would wear them under a sweater dress too! Sometimes they hug you in all the wrong places!!

  21. 12.3.11

    I avoid white pencil skirts – very unforgiving!

  22. 12.3.11
    Isabelle T said:

    wow those tights look great! I usually avoid wearing tight fitting party dress because I’m always afraid they’ll ride up

  23. 12.3.11
    Franny said:

    with these, I would totally be ready to wear a pencil skirt…especially for my madmen party in a few weeks!

  24. 12.3.11
    Sarah said:

    Sweater dresses and bodycon dresses!

  25. 12.3.11
    shopfreak said:

    Maybe I’d try out a bandage dress, on a skinny day..thanks for the chance to win!

  26. 12.3.11
    Shepherd said:

    a mini skirt

  27. 12.3.11
    Rachel said:

    I snug dress!

  28. 12.3.11
    Chelsea Brendle said:

    i love the look of t-shirt dresses and sweater dresses, just not the look of awkward lines underneath them. i have always seen assets at the store and have yet to try them. i will have to do it now!

  29. 12.3.11
    Anonymous said:

    i love the look of t-shirt dresses and sweater dresses, just not the look of awkward lines underneath them. i have always seen assets at the store and have yet to try them. i will have to do it now!

  30. 12.2.11

    OMG, love those tights!! I would also try the sweater dress with those tights. I woudn’t dare wear sport one of those dresses without tights, oh heavens!

    You look uber cute btw!

  31. 12.2.11
    Sarah said:

    I usually avoid satiny-type skirts and dresses, but I would love to try them with some of these tights. Perfect for upcoming holiday parties!

  32. 12.2.11
    heidi said:

    i have a very similar wrap sweater dress that i think i’d feel more comfortable wearing something like this! thanks for the giveaway!!

  33. 12.2.11
    krystynfrye said:

    I had no idea those two wonderful things had met and married! Awesome.

  34. 12.2.11
    Kourtney said:

    Love the tights! My black pencil skirt would probably look a little better with more support :)

  35. 12.2.11
    Melina said:

    I’ve always avoided sweater dresses too so I’d definitely try them out with a pair of these. They’re so cute!

    xx Melina

  36. 12.2.11
    adecolife said:

    cute tights! And love your hair style!


  37. 12.2.11
    cora said:

    love the look and i LOVE assets (i wore their high waist shorts under my clingy silk wedding gown!). these tights would be awesome for clingy pencil skirts and, yep, sweater dresses.

  38. 12.2.11

    I have a few sweater dresses just waiting to be worn! These tights would totally make me brave enough to try them!


  39. 12.2.11
    Jenn said:

    I avoid anything with an elastic waistband — just enhances the belly! But I weould definitely give ’em a go with these!

  40. 12.2.11
    Kjar said:

    I have a dress for a wedding coming up that I am so nervous to wear! I’m working out and eating right, but I’m not sure if I’ll be completely ready in time…Assets would help smooth the tummy and the “handles”!

  41. 12.2.11

    I have an adorable white sweater dress I avoid at all costs due to a serious case of the lumpy butts when I wear it without layers of shape wear. This would be AWESOME.


  42. 12.2.11
    Shelbel said:

    So cute! I have several tight dresses that could benefit from some serious shapewear.

  43. 12.2.11
    Alex said:

    I have a couple of sweater dresses in my closet that I think would look a lot better with the Assets! I’ve been too afraid to wear them because I don’t have shapewear!

  44. 12.2.11
    Erika said:

    I usually avoid form fitting skirts. What a lovely idea and so cute!

  45. 12.2.11
    Terri said:

    I have always loved Assets. I have a pair of Spanx but they ride up while I’m at work all the time! You probably have learned more about me now than you ever cared to.

  46. 12.2.11
    Janice said:

    short skirts and anything that doesn’t cover my butt (lol)

  47. 12.2.11
    Katie said:

    I’m with you on the sweater dress. I love sweater dresses, but some rights create bulges that I swear I didn’t have before!

  48. 12.2.11

    I’m totally in love with the patterned-tights trend, but I have yet to purchase any. Maybe I was looking for these! I usually avoid sheath dresses or pencil dresses, since A-lines are more forgiving on my thighs. Maybe these tights are just what I need!

  49. 12.2.11

    Love this outfit, that sweater dress is adorable.

    I would also pair my ASSETS with a sweater dress. I have one in particular that shows is extremely unforgiving, I’d love to wear it with something other than skinnies!


  50. 12.2.11
    Jess said:

    I try to stay away from any clingy skirts or dresses, but those tights might change my mind!

  51. 12.2.11

    Love all the ways you have been wearing your new utility jacket!!
    I tend to avoid high waisted skirts because I feel they draw attention to my lower belly which just isn’t as flat, and probably never will be, as I would like. Spanx helps with this but I just can’t bring myself to wear them all day at the office. I would love to have these adorable leggings to help me with this!

  52. 12.2.11
    Colleen S. said:

    I would rock a jersey dress while wearing Assets!!

  53. 12.2.11

    Love your whole outfit. The colors together are great! I don’t like to wear any tops that cling to my belly.

  54. 12.2.11

    I would definitely try a sweater dress with these tights :)

  55. 12.2.11

    I normally avoid sweater dresses, but those tights just might be the thing to make me feel a bit more courageous. And, they look super cute!

  56. 12.2.11

    These are so great! I have a short little striped tshirt dress that I actually got tailored so I would wear it more. It fits great, but let’s just say I didn’t wear it on Thanksgiving :) ASSETS would be perfect for this dress with a great pair of boots!

  57. 12.2.11
    Gaby Murata said:

    I love wearing skirts. All kinds of them! But I refuse to wear them without a faja, a Latin word for gurlde :). Since I’m still fairly young, it’s hard to wear skirts with a faja without having it show. I would love to go faja less one day as they are a pain, especially to get back on with tights… Soooo if the ASSESTS could take care of the faja and tight issues that’d be amazing!

  58. 12.2.11
    Rachel said:

    tight skirts! so cute, but dont dare wearing them. also agree, sweater dresses!

  59. 12.2.11
    rebecca said:

    love the tights! i avoid any clingy material! regular tights always give me a fully shape so these would be great!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  60. 12.2.11
    Jessica B said:

    I just had a baby 4 months ago…needless to say, I don’t have a post celebrity body to show off. I’m loving all the sweater dresses with boots this fall/winter but don’t dare wear them with out some control on my tummy!

  61. 12.2.11
    Joanna L said:

    I avoid wearing tight pencil skirts cause they just hit me funny and I feel like I’ve got a belly, but these would definitely help!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  62. 12.2.11

    Oh wow! That body shapes sound the closest to heaven, sounds perfect for the holidays! Loving the printed tights!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  63. 12.2.11

    Love this outfit! I usually avoid anything clingy of form-fitting, like sweater dresses.

  64. 12.2.11
    Tara said:

    I might try skinny jeans if I won these. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  65. 12.2.11
    Brynn said:

    Those tights are amazing! I have recently become much more excited about wearing tights (I buy them a size or two up to avoid looking like a snowman) and I’m on the lookout for some floral tights just like those! I usually stay away from sweater dresses – they either cling in the wrong places or look too boxy and make me look shapeless. It’s unfortunate, though, because I LOVE how they look, and they are so cozy!

  66. 12.2.11
    Jen P said:

    Without a doubt i avoid formfitting jersey knit dress! I see so many in the summer and would love to sport one.

  67. 12.2.11
    Athena said:

    Love the outfit and the tights. I definitely avoid any type of clingy clothing, but those tights might make me rethink that.

  68. 12.2.11
    Allie said:

    I LOVE ASSETS! I own two pair! I am the same in not wearing fitted sweater dresses or even a long shirt. They are the perfect way to get that “flat tummy” look and they are comfortable!

  69. 12.2.11
    Amy said:

    I usually avoid shirt dresses, but I think it would look super with a pair of these; I’d try it.

  70. 12.2.11
    Pamela said:

    Anything tight around my rear is a no-go. This would be awesome to try!

  71. 12.2.11

    i definitely avoid tight sweater dresses and clingy materials!

  72. 12.2.11
    ruby said:

    I usually avoid the shorts with tights thing in the winter. In fact, shorts at any time. But i just bought a pair of shorts and I think I might be able to sport them with these tights.

  73. 12.2.11

    I stay away from tight shirts that show my love handles! I hate that! Love the tights!! I would love to see how they work.

  74. 12.2.11

    I love the tights! Would generally avoid anything silky or clingy… but these might work!

  75. 12.2.11
    Natalie said:

    Oooh, great print on the tights! I was just trying on sweater dresses yesterday and decided that without some serious shapewear, they just weren’t for me. I may have to reconsider…

  76. 12.2.11
    Lacey said:

    love this outfit! i avoid clingy materials because they always show lumps and bumps. if these tights promise to make me look bump-free, i’d definitely be willing to try them out!

  77. 12.2.11

    Love the tights. I usually avoid those tight cotton mini/pencil skirts. But I think with those tights they would be more do-able.