baby it’s cold outside!



Windy City Tote c/o Ruche | Calvin Klein leopard sweater | Tommy Hilfiger button-up | INC gray zipper skinnies | Apt. 9 midcalf boots (Kohl’s sale)


Tuesday I was wearing shorts with bare legs. Cut to two days later, and it’s full-on fall gear. ‘Tis the season for seriously unpredictable Florida weather. Fa la la la la, la la la la! 

Doak loves this change in the weather. I worked from home today [I left my car keys at the shop last night, thereby stranding myself after C left early this morning] and he spent the majority of the day outside. The chill in the air brings out the frisky puppy in him, making him extra sweet and adorable. And a little uncooperative…


20 thoughts on “baby it’s cold outside!

  1. I think my puppy is going to get to about the size of yours. If I think he’s uncooperative at 7 weeks now (and by uncooperative I mean I have to coax him to sleep before I can take photos without being interrupted) imagine if I try to take photos with him when he weighs something between 80 and 100 pounds …

    PS – Totally feeling your pain with the Florida weather. Had to turn the AC on a couple of days ago … Came home last night and it was already cold enough in my apartment that the AC wasn’t going to come on even if I hadn’t switched it off!


  2. He is horribly adorable and I love the print on the top! I never assume Florida gets “cold” – I guess you learn something new every day.


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