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Romeo & Juliet Couture faux leather jacket (Hautelook, $39) | Laundry by Shelli Segal tank sweater (a pretty penny, available online) | Express cargos (2008) | Gianni Bini studded suede shoes | Banana Republic bag (a pretty penny, available online

I know updates have been sparse around here for the last few weeks. We’re kicking into high gear at the flower shop for Christmas, wrapping up all that fun end-of-year business owner stuff, trying to knock out our holiday to-do lists, and squeezing in as much time as possible with family and friends to celebrate the season. All that, combined with the shorter days this time of year, make maintaining a regular posting schedule a little more difficult than usual.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away! Where-oh-where did 2011 go?! I’m giving myself permission to slack off a little this year, and turn my nagging perfectionism down a few notches until the new year. If my house is a little messy, fuhgetaboutit… The world will not end if I bring store-bought cookies to family dinner instead of baking them from scratch… It’s more important to make time for wine night with the girls than to tackle my looming laundry pile… Doak needs a long walk after work more than I need to edit and upload photos for blog posts… It’s perfectly acceptable to throw all responsibility and to-do lists to the wind and spend an entire Sunday in my jammies, stuffing my face and watching Lifetime movies between luxuriously long naps…

I hope you’re taking time out to enjoy the season, too!

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  1. REALLY can’t comment on cyour heels OR your sweater, BUT I can certainly relate to your writing regarding the wtore-bought cookies, AND activities that take more priority over others!!!

    Posted 12.15.11 Reply
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Can’t believe 2011 is almost gone, either…and a little relaxation is always a good thing! Those shoes are adorable.

    Posted 12.13.11 Reply
  3. Terri wrote:

    Those heels are adorable!

    Posted 12.12.11 Reply
  4. I know 20111 flew by so fast! I loved your sweater the zig zag print is great! Cute shoes :P

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

    Posted 12.12.11 Reply


  • Some days I have my sh*t together; some days I have to get ready to go out to dinner on my office floor with a mirror propped against the wall.
  • Can’t make a downtown Bartow delivery without popping into @rafanatural’s beautiful shop to restock my coconut bar soap stash; ‘Relaxation’ for me, ‘Sandalwood’ for the husband. 🛁 #shopsmall #shoplocal #rafanatural
  • #mondaymotivation courtesy of this neighborhood truck on our morning walk. 😉
  • Doakie’s got those Friday feels. ☺️💕 #dogsofig #tgif #instagood
  • New motivational reads for my #werk stack, inspired by @larsbookclub. These are my favorite kinds of books to enjoy and then share with friends and my flower shop team. 💕 #bookstagram #larsbookclub #booksofig #goodreads #joyful
  • Busy days are our favorite days. 💕 Kicking our feet up after a long day and feeling so grateful for our special clients who trust us to help them ‘say it with flowers’ for all kinds of occasions. #shoplocal #shopsmall #floristlife