Kaisley striped sweater (a pretty penny) | Blank ankle cords (m.marie) | BCGB denim ballet flats (Marshall’s)


{photo bomber}


I’ve been a casual observer of the colorful pants trend for a while now, but I was slow to jump on board. Not because I didn’t want a pair of bright britches to call my own; I’m just terrified of buying pants online, and I haven’t had much time to shop outside of my own store lately {which I’ve been doing a little too much of, by the way}.

Monday, my friend Meghan was having a super-sale at her boutique, m.marie, and her facebook updates were taunting me. I was sitting by myself at the shop, staring at the phone and willing it to ring, and after four hours without a single call I locked up my store and headed straight to Meghan’s. I picked up these Blank ankle cords, a striped tunic, and a cute maxi dress.

In other exciting news, it’s finally cool enough to break out sweaters (albeit, lightweight ones) and wrap a scarf around your neck without getting dizzy from overheating! Could it be that winter is finally gracing us with her presence in the sunshine state?!

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  1. 12.9.14
    dominobet said:

    nice post…look nice

  2. 2.14.12
    Michelle said:

    Love your planner! Where did you find one that big?

  3. 12.30.11
    nicola said:

    I love your posts, you always look so stylish. I wish I could do more with scarves, but don’t have the courage or know how!
    By the way, what is the note book/journal you have on your desk?

  4. 12.29.11

    Not sure I could pull these off, but they look super cute. And I especially love the scarf.

  5. 12.29.11

    Absolutely lovely! You’re making me wish I got a more muted tone for my colored pants instead of a bright red!

  6. 12.29.11
    Lila said:

    Love the color! I am in the same camp you were before these pants. Love the idea, but scared to get them without trying them on and no time to go try them on :) I know what you mean about the weather, I love infinity scarves and haven’t been able to wear one without having to take it off regularly to cool back down.

  7. 12.29.11
    Chelsea said:

    That’s a great colour to choose for trying out the coloured pants trend!

  8. 12.29.11

    Noticing a trend of stripes! I’m addicted too ;) Stripes and rainbow colors.

  9. 12.29.11
    Neris said:

    very pretty look! love the color of the pants :)

    Hope you are having great holidays :)


    Fashion Fractions

  10. 12.29.11
    Angeline Edgar said:

    Love the indoor shot – the color combo is fun.

  11. 12.28.11

    great pants! And 3 outfits posts in a row?!?! I’m lovin’ it:)

  12. 12.28.11

    I love the mustard colour of your scarf! So gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  13. 12.28.11

    Cuteness overload! lovely combo! … your new stuff in sounds great!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  14. 12.28.11

    Yay, glad you jumped on board with the trend- those pants are an awesome and look great on you! And I’m loving that fun yellow scarf too :)

  15. 12.28.11

    Loving the pants! I need more bright colored pants myself, but I’m also afraid to order online.

  16. 12.28.11
    Shon said:

    Really nice. I have been away for a while and have missed all of your great posts. Looking good!! Happy 2012!!

  17. 12.28.11
    rhiannon said:

    super adorable! i love those pants!

  18. 12.28.11

    Cute!!! love them on you! xx