it’s a wrap





We’re ringing in the new year with some dreary conditions. The weatherman is predicting lows in the 30’s tomorrow — the coldest we’ve had yet this winter — and our cold fronts are usually preceded by cloudy, rainy days. My mom bought me a couple of these extra-cozy wraps for Christmas, and I can’t think of anything better than wrapping myself in a wearable blanket to fend off the elements. Bonus: this one is much more chic than a Snuggie.

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  1. 1.4.12
    TJ said:

    That’s a great gift. It looks so comfortable and warm.

  2. 1.3.12
    Anne said:

    Love it!!

  3. 1.3.12

    Too cute! I love when style collides with comfort. It’s a slice of heaven, I tell ya. Happy new year friend! xo

  4. 1.2.12
    Audrey said:

    Just stumbled upon your blog and I LOVE it! Definitely following via Bloglovin. Love this outfit! Happy new year!

  5. 1.2.12

    I have something like that, and it is extra warm.

  6. 1.2.12

    You look SO chic in that wrap. Makes me want to get one :)


  7. 1.2.12
    Linda Z said:

    That looks so comfy and chic. And your hair looks gorgeous. Happy New Year! :)

  8. 1.2.12
    SWFTerra said:

    Oooo, these shots are particularly lovely. There is really nothing better than being wrapped in an exorbitant amount of knit to feel cozy.

  9. 1.2.12
    Aracely Campbell said:

    Love it!!

  10. 1.2.12
    Mariel said:

    You are so gorg! Definitely the perfect travel outfit, I agree with ppfgirl

  11. 1.2.12
    ppfgirl said:

    This would be the perfect travel outfit – love the wrap & the handbag!!