son of a bleach!



windy city trench coat c/o ruche | blank ankle cords and GLAM dress worn as top (m.marie) | candies boots (2008) | ruffled scarf scooped up at beall’s outlet for less than $10 last year

Today I made a very important business decision: I should remove all responsibilities involving chemical cleaning agents from my job description. {You hear that, Mr. Lennox?} This afternoon while scrubbing out buckets to prep for a huge shipment of flowers, my brand new colorful cords had an unfortunate run-in with a rogue splash of bleach water. As my friend, Iris, would say, “it is so sad.” I pouted and whined for at least 30 minutes. And then pouted again when we took these photos. And just thinking about it now as I type this post makes me want to pout some more.


So, um, what’s a girl to do? Try dying the entire pair in a closely matching fabric dye? Get a little rock ‘n roll and spray them down with bleach water to make it look intentional? Get all Julia Roberts and fill in the spot with a red Sharpie? Stop being so OCD and just pretend the glaring spot doesn’t exist?

Help a sister out! 

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I'm a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

24 thoughts on “son of a bleach!

  1. What did you decide to do? My favorite pair of black skinny jeans from BR are fading and I’m really considering dying them….

  2. How sad, Keira. How sad. I would use a fabric marker of some sort. Maybe? Gripes. What a bummer! It might be fun to just dye them all a fun color. I am in love with your scarf, too.

  3. Oh, oh, oh…I FEEL your pain! had the SAME thing happen with the most perfect fitting light gray trousers that had a perfectly coordinating gray sweater that I was never able to get to work with any other pants again…I stared (and kept in my closet) the trousers forever…it was heartbreaking…I have no advice, just compassion :(

  4. Fabric marker in the same colour if you can find it would be the first thing to try, and if that doesn’t work you can dye them (and since the fabric pen would make the spot darker then the dye would likely come out more even)… third effort would be to tie-dye bleach them a-la J Crew

    and if that’s a wash just bleach the whole thing.


    just cut them above the stain and call them shorts.

    good luck!

  5. I say dye them. I’ve had great success dying stuff lately! Idye at joann fabrics has great colors too!

  6. i didnt even notice in the first pictures but you could bleach the rest of them… i think it would make a fabulous color (:

  7. You could always try to find a fabric marker in the same shade as your pants, that way you only have to cover the one spot instead of dying the pants…

  8. Go sharpie, the same thing happened to me with a very similarly colored pair of jeans, I’m sure the result will be even better because your cords are textured. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t even notice it in the first few pictures! :)

    1. Hey, guess what? I also work in a flower shop and the first time I wore my brand-new cardigan (Christmas present) to work we were still using evergreen and I got sap on my sweater. Feeling your pain! I think dye could fix you right up, though. Can’t get worse, right?

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