This Just In: Louis Vuitton Cabas Piano Tote!



IMG_9754 IMG_9748


Sometimes things come through the door of our boutique that are so exciting, I literally cannot wait to share them with you.

This gorgeous authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Cabas Piano Tote just arrived this afternoon, and she needs a loving new home. Her previous owner is a LV collector who treats her bags with as much love and affection as children or puppies, and it shows through this bag’s immaculate condition. I mean, look at that bottom!!

The perfect shoulder bag with the classic, timeless styling Louis Vuitton is famous for…


Check it out, along with other womens’ and misses’ apparel and accessories, in the online store!

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  3. 1.19.12

    Thank you!!!! It is a Beautiful Bag:(

  4. 1.16.12

    Am I missing the price?

  5. 1.16.12
    Chelsea said:

    Cute online shop! Aside from your own closet what other sources does your items for sale come from?

    • 1.17.12

      I have a designer consignment boutique in Central Florida!

  6. 1.13.12

    Well hot dog! This is cute. So I’m a pacific northwest gal, and we aren’t that into designer bags. Sad, I know. Recently I was visiting AZ and was SHOCKED at the ammount of LV bags I saw!? And on teens no less! Boom. That was my mind blowing just then. It baffled me. Anyway, back to twinkies. Are you honestly telling me it’s a normal practice for people to fry twinkies? I am dying over here. I feel like a martian just landing on a new planet and discovering LV bags and twinkies. It’s wild.

  7. 1.12.12

    :) Just found the tote in “Shop.” It’s lovely!

  8. 1.12.12

    This is for sale? How much?