monday blues (and stripes)

striped sweater and embellished tank (Beall’s Outlet) | Lucky Brand Sundown jeans | Goorin Bros. hat (m.marie) | Candies boots | drugstore sunnies



A few thoughts for your Monday morning:

Do not watch Marley & Me on a quiet Sunday night while snuggling on the couch with your dog. Sure, it’s all fun and cute puppy hijinks in the beginning; but an hour in and you’ll be sobbing uncontrollably, squeezing the life out of said dog and crying crocodile tears into his furry back. Emotional breakdown: party of one.

Hats are convenient on Mondays. Especially when you didn’t have the will or energy to wash your hair the night before. Because really, what’s the point when the greatest dogs in the world are dying on TV and you only have a decade or so left with your 3-year old Goldendoodle?

When the funk sinks into your Monday morning, the best remedy is chocolate consumed with reckless abandon. Maybe a cupcake from the gourmet bakery next door, or a double dip with extra Heath pieces from the froyo place down the block…

Please excuse me, I have to go visit a neighbor.

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