momma said there’d be days like this.

IMG_0256 IMG_0274

The last few days have been… challenging. When you decide to take the leap and assume the epic responsibility of business ownership, no one tells you how hard it can be. Okay, they do tell you, but you don’t really listen. Because your business experience is going to be different. {You’d think that life experience would have shut that ego up by now, mmm?}

I’ll spare you the gory details and just say this: sometimes being the big cheese stinks.

Decree utility jacket c/o jcpenney | striped tee picked up on a clearance rack somewhere | Target jeans | Michael Kors leopard wedges

When I was deep in a funk earlier today, I started cruising Pinterest for some pick-me-up inspiration, and came across this pretty collage of quotes related to success. A click-through takes you to a blog called Life…Your Way, where the image is available for free download to don on your desktop. I added it to my Macbook to help remind me of why I’m here, and give me a little kick in the pants when I need one.

As I stood beside my husband this morning through a difficult confrontation, I couldn’t stop thinking about how blessed I am to have him next to me. When we have terrible days that sometimes bleed into trying weeks, I remind myself that we made a choice to take this crazy leap and fall face first into flowers {and now fashion!} and I know that while the landing may not always be graceful, it’s probably not going to kill us.

And you know what they say about what doesn’t kill us…

17 thoughts on “momma said there’d be days like this.

  1. I admire you wholeheartedly! Starting up your own business is so difficult and I’m sure there are so many headaches along the way. However, I bet the good times are really so rewarding that it makes it all worth it! Good luck with everything!

    xx Melina


  2. yes, it’s definitely great to have one with whom to share life, wonderful and difficult moments.
    I love your outfit – great, the parka inspired jacket is very beautiful!
    xxx Anita


  3. How do you keep that jacket of yours looking so fresh and pressed? I purchased it after seeing it on your blog….and mine just never looks that smooth and wrinkle free? Also, I’ve had a tough week at work. Keep your chin up. At least you are young and still have your beautiful looks. That’s what I tell myself. =)


  4. It’s very much the same way with kids. More difficult than you thought… and more rewarding, too! Keep up the good work! Your jacket and shoes are super cute. :)


  5. it kills you later?

    i kid!

    but seriously–it must be in the air b/c i’m having a hell of a time at work lately. so much to do, a million deadlines and not enough hours in the day. help


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