restyled denim vest (originally this jacket) | Theory scoopneck tee (a pretty penny) | Blank ankle cords (m.marie) | Dollhouse sandals (Ross) | Jessica Simpson scarf | Olsenboye foldover tote c/o jcpenney



Yesterday afternoon, while watching a marathon of the second season of America’s Next Top Model and recovering from a nasty stomach virus {hi stress, thanks for rendering my immune system completely useless} I gave my INC cropped denim jacket a new life as a denim vest.

I’ve worn this jacket to death and it’s gotten a little… stale. I went back and forth about putting it in the shop, but something made me rescue it from the sell pile time and again. Since a denim vest has been on my DIY list for over a year now and I haven’t found the “perfect” jacket to hack, I just decided to go for it.

Using a big sewing needle, a small pair of sewing scissors, and a whole lot of patience, I removed all of the seams from the sleeves while Yoanna rose to the top for the win. I’m super happy with the way it turned out!

Now I need a new denim jacket.

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  1. 3.29.12

    your hair is super healthy looking. lol love it. and the outfit too!!!

  2. 1.31.12
    Annalise said:

    So great. I love the whole look. I’m actually more excited about your Gladiators. I’ve been really unenthus’d w/ my collection of G-sandals lately. Love how you paired these w/ bright cropped skinnies. The whole thing is way cute!
    Xx- A

  3. 1.31.12
    Delaney said:

    Gorgeous vest, great DIY! Love this casssual look but sassy too! Lovely bag<3

  4. 1.30.12
    Joanne M said:

    I’m obsessed with this outfit! You look great. And I 1. watched the same marathon yesterday and 2. converted a denim jacket into a vest as well. Can’t wait till the weekend when I let the little puppy out to play!

  5. 1.30.12

    This is such a cute outfit. I love the shoes.

  6. 1.30.12
    Leah said:

    Anonymous… aka Leah since she didn’t think pay attention to the name spot :)

  7. 1.30.12
    Anonymous said:

    LOL!! The real reason you restyled the jacket, to get a new one!! :) It is totally cute though! Did you sew the buttons up like that too?

  8. 1.30.12

    WOW!!! You look so great! I love the idea and the jacket looks so cool!!! Thank you for the inspiration!

  9. 1.30.12

    The vest turned out awesome! I love your pants as well – such a cute color.


  10. 1.30.12
    Amy Moore said:

    I definitely watched that marathon as well! (the best season in my opinion) Would you consider a blog post about jean jackets? I feel like there’s a fine line between a current stylish denim and looking like Nick Cage circa City of Angels. (I know I need help!) :)

  11. 1.30.12

    Awesome look! Really like the colors you wore, unique combo!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  12. 1.30.12
    Sarah said:

    love the bag and jacket!

  13. 1.30.12
    Anita said:

    the bag is really beautiful!
    xxx Anita

  14. 1.30.12

    I need a denim jacket, too! But I totally love this as a vest…the whole outfit is great!

  15. 1.30.12
    Terri said:

    Bravo on your reworked vest! I have the sewing skills of a dishtowel, so I applaud your DIY-abilities!

  16. 1.30.12
    rhiannon said:

    you look adorable, i love those cords and sandals!! the vest looks super cute, you did a great job!