the calm before the storm…



Antonio Milani blazer | Anne Klein scarf | LC Lauren Conrad twill crops (Kohl’s clearance) | Mossimo peasant blouse | Dollhouse sandals | Big Buddha clutch via Hautelook

This is the time before every holiday that I start wringing my hands and biting my nails. We’re doing all of our Valentine’s prep — getting vases ready for flowers, making dozens of bows, counting balloons, and routing deliveries — and it’s eerily quiet…

So naturally, I panic. Everyone in town forgot about Valentine’s Day. This will be the worst holiday ever. No one will place orders. What am I going to do with 100 dozen roses?!

What I should do is savor the peace and enjoy these final moments of blissful quiet before the chaos sets in. And remember that this particular holiday is typically the opposite sex’s responsibility, and they’re not the best planner-aheaders. In about 48 hours when dudes all over suddenly realize Valentine’s Day is Tuesday, it’s going to get wild around here. The phones are going to ring off the hook, my fingers will be full of rose thorns, and my only form of sustenance will be Diet Coke, Valentine’s chocolates, cupcakes from the bakery next door, and Lara Bars (because healthy eating is important). The madness will continue, unabated, until Wednesday when we’ll close the shop for the day to recuperate from the love fest.

I’m going to try to maintain some kind of normalcy around the blog through the madness; including a couple of guest posts from my friend, Iris! Bear with me if I look like an extra from Night of the Living Dead in upcoming outfit posts.

UPDATE: A few of you asked for a how-to on tying a scarf this way. I made a little video to give you an easy step-by-step!

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  1. 2.15.12

    Very pretty! Love the cropped pants and their pretty blush tone.


  2. 2.15.12

    Nothing can top pastels like a touch of lace! Love this outfit! Glad I came across your blog. Thanks for sharing! x

  3. 2.15.12

    I hope you were not too crazy, but also sold all those roses.
    In any case, you look great! That scarf looks so cozy and chic!

  4. 2.13.12
    Rlutz said:

    Fabulous outfit…I love the mix of neutrals. Good luck with the Valentine’s Day rush!!

  5. 2.9.12
    Anne said:

    After all of the Crazy~ we should do dinner!!! You you beautiful as always, love those pants!

  6. 2.8.12
    shannon said:

    You look lovely. Enjoy the calm. :)

  7. 2.8.12
    Melina said:

    Oh good luck with it all! I’m sure it’s going to be crazy, but that’s obviously fantastic for business!! Love the color of those pants too!

    xx Melina

  8. 2.8.12
    Heather said:

    That dusty rose color is perfect with the other neutrals – gorgeous look!


  9. 2.8.12
    Amy said:

    cute look

  10. 2.8.12
    aflgirl said:

    Oooo I second that! Do I see a scarf tutorial post in your future?? Please? <3 Iris

  11. 2.8.12
    Kayla said:

    You have to share with us how you are wearing your scarf. I can’t seem to figure out how to get that same look! Pretty please!?

  12. 2.8.12
    Terri said:

    Excellent scarf choice today!

  13. 2.8.12
    Anita said:

    a very nice outfit! the scarf -lovely!
    I wish you all the best for the valentine weekend!
    xxx Anita

  14. 2.8.12
    Candy said:

    I adore how you did the scarf!!! You look fab! Here’s to hoping a good stressful weekend for ya!

  15. 2.8.12
    elizabeth said:

    this scarf is beautiful! good luck :)

  16. 2.8.12
    rhiannon said:

    you look gorgeous! i love your scarf.