new things to love…




ruffle blouse (a pretty penny) | Angel ankle skinnies c/o DL 1961 | Simply Vera Vera Wang belt | Gianni Bini handbag | nails: Essie Topless and Barefoot | Macy's bangles


A few of my favorite {new} things:

Smash: I spent the better part of Saturday afternoon catching up on all the back episodes of NBC’s new musical series on demand. I’ve never been much of a musical girl, but this show is amazing. I’m hardcore hooked.

GCB: Another new addition to my DVR. Like a southern-fried Desperate Housewives meets Mean Girls. Kristen Chenoweth is hilarious, and delivers belly-laugh-one-liners like, “I have been saved. I have a wonderful, spiritual husband who likes ’em where he can see ’em,” {defending her cleavage-bearing dress} and later, “Cleavage helps your cross hang straight.”

LORAC Co-Stars: Hautelook recently had a deep discount sale on LORAC. I had credits, so I indulged in a few products, including this one (for just $5, only 25% of the retail price!). I usually avoid long-wear lip color products because I find them incredibly drying, but this double-ended wonder is both comfortable and pretty. I’m wearing Steamy Kiss, but I’d like to pick up a couple more to keep in my makeup bag!

Sculpey: Okay, Sculpey isn’t new; I’m pretty sure I was making zoo animals out of it as a kiddo. But Jen recently posted a DIY tutorial for a Sculpey Bead Necklace, and my love of the make-it-and-bake-it clay is back and hot and heavy. I have to pick up satin ribbon at JoAnn Fabrics this afternoon for a bridal bouquet, and I may have to stock up my Sculpey supply to whip up some spring statement necklaces!

Any new favorite things you care to share?

11 thoughts on “new things to love…

  1. Simply Vera by Vera Wang had recently become an absolute obsession for me.. I <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 this belt with the outfit! Also, the bag is killer! Do they have other colours too?

    Sephie <3


  2. I’ve GOT to start watching those shows, I keep hearing about both of them. The only thing I watch right now is Criminal Minds, so I think I’m due to add to my DVR queue! I love the pretty print of that blouse, and the ruffle details!


  3. Love the lip color! I’ve been loving Smash too – but GCB seemed a little crazy for me. Might have to give it a try though, if only for Kristen Chenoweth. Also, my new favorite to share: mint green nails (from Essie)…


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