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floral babydoll dress (a pretty penny, available online) | Goorin Bros fedora (m.marie) | Tipper braided hobo c/o Handbag Heaven (on sale now!) | Nine West wedges


Every now and then, Chad and I like to cruise around and check out other flower shops and retail spaces outside of town. It’s a great way to stay inspired and see what other shops are up to. We had a few deliveries Sunday morning, and found ourselves in the historic downtown area of a nearby city. There was an adorable little shabby-chic flower shop (complete with a cat sunning in the window) and this abandoned music store that would make the coolest retail space. It was a wide-open space with interior columns and exposed ceilings, and lots of natural light coming through windows on two sides of the building. Dreamy

Unfortunately, like many downtown areas these days, most of the surrounding businesses were also boarded up and out of business. So sad… I wish more people appreciated the charm and character of these historic commerce centers. I would love to have a shop in one of these strips surrounded by shops like Red Velvet and Bloom, and pretty little patisseries and cafes. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Does your hometown have a thriving historic district? What are your favorite downtown shops?

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  1. 5.3.12

    I love that bag! *_*

  2. 3.24.12
    S said:

    Bag arrived yesterday. Very cute. Will look great with jeans. Thanks for the heads-up on the sale.

  3. 3.21.12

    You are so adorable. Love the print on your dress! Exploring historic areas is so much fun – that’s one of the things I love about living in Boston :)


  4. 3.21.12
    shannon said:

    You look so lovely! I also love quaint little towns. It’s so fun to window shop and explore. We have a few little towns like that near us, and it’s always a fun adventure. :)

  5. 3.20.12
    Danica said:

    I live in downtown St Augustine and it is a flourishing historic area….given it’s a serious tourist destination, but still beautiful with lots of little shops!

  6. 3.20.12
    Valerie said:

    Luckily, I live near a few places that have some pretty good downtowns like Cocoa Village and Downtown Melbourne. I also have no qualms driving to places like Mount Dora, Deland and New Smyrna (to name a few) and enjoying what they have to offer. The mom and pop shops beat the big box stores any day!

  7. 3.20.12
    Amy said:

    you look great

  8. 3.20.12
    katie said:

    beautiful dress! and you look so good in that hat!! I love little downtown areas. we don’t have one too close to us but once in awhile we drive up to Lake Geneva, WI and I LOVE it!

  9. 3.19.12
    dotty said:

    what a FANTASTIC spring print on that dress!

  10. 3.19.12
    Erin said:

    My favorite downtown store is this antique shop called Peacock Antiques. Absolutely in love with that store. I originally started shopping there for Vera Bradley but now I love all the antiques and fun interesting things you can find there. Love!!

  11. 3.19.12
    rhiannon said:

    i love your hat! so so adorable!

  12. 3.19.12

    This outfit is so perfect for downtowning! How is it that everything you wear is my favorite thing you’ve ever put on? Our downtown area is really college-oriented, but my hometown still has its small downtown area!

  13. 3.19.12

    My home town does in fact have one of the oldest historic districts in Florida. The lovely, the wonderful, the best place in Orlando… Winter Park, or as I like to call it, “The WP, my favorite place to be!” I graduated from Rollins and lived on Park Ave for two years. There is nothing better then being able to walk everywhere and enjoy such amazing culture and history. I heart the WP!

    • 3.19.12

      I LOVE WP!! Lucky girl! :-) It’s so beautiful there.

  14. 3.19.12

    I adore historic areas! My hubby & I are super lucky to live in a town, which has historic homes that have been converted into charming tea shops, restaurants, and shops. In fact there is even the cutest little flower shop!! :) And gah, I’m so jealous of your beautiful weather because I would love to be tromping through my neighbourhood in that exact same outfit. Love your beautiful style! xo

  15. 3.19.12
    Lauren Schwenk said:

    You look so wonderful and springy!

    I just have to say, I love how downtown Winter Haven has changed over the years. It only is getting better and it really does have more and more charm each day. It is so awesome that you are a part of it! All we are missing is a Red Velvet & Bloom {both equally adorable!} and another little bistro for girls night and we will be set!

  16. 3.19.12

    Gorgeous! Love the dress, looks like spring all over!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries