scenes from a saturday

Last Saturday was prom for one of the local high schools, which means churning out lots and lots of custom made corsages and boutonnieres. It’s finger-cramping work, and it kind of blows my mind that my senior prom was almost a decade ago…

IMG_2088 IMG_2091




Think I could rock this every day?


We also had a cute pick-up order for a surprise 60th birthday party!



Oh, and this is happening at my desk right now for APP. Heaven help. I hope to report a clean workspace by the end of the week…

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  1. 3.28.12

    Ahh looking at this reminds me that I (still) have my corsage from my junior prom 5 years ago (it’s in the freezer!) I’m not sure why my mother wanted to keep it, probably because I was her first to go to prom but I think we both forgot about it..until now.

  2. 3.27.12
    Amy said:

    love all the flowers

  3. 3.27.12

    looks like you had a busy weekend – and an absolutely beautiful busy weekend at that!

  4. 3.26.12

    Awesome job keeping it all straight and sorted! Very cool! I feel for you!

  5. 3.26.12

    I would love to learn how to make beautiful things like corsages! How cool!

  6. 3.26.12
    Rebecca said:

    Oh my goodness!! Prom!!!! I definitely sympathize.

  7. 3.26.12

    You’re worried about your desk? Mine is usually covered with fruits and vegetables that I have every intention on eating during the day or bring home. Yours looks more fun! I had to do the math to remember how long ago my Senior Prom was. I remembered I wore a black dress, but can’t remember the corsage. :( Those little roses are adorable.

  8. 3.26.12

    Oh my goodness! So much work and so many colors! And your APP desk looks mighty busy! That’s a good thing, though!