monday best


Liz Claiborne eyelet dress (thrifted) | INC denim vest (restyled) | MIA sandals | pendant necklace (found on a clearance rack for $3) | Big Buddha clutch (Hautelook)


Since I didn’t wear an Easter dress on Sunday, I threw one on for work on Monday. And to avoid looking like I was headed to a tea party, I put my denim vest on top of it and added a long necklace. I borrowed the denim-vest-over-a-white-dress idea from my friend, Iris, after seeing her put together the super cute combo over the weekend. Thanks, I!

See, girls trips are fun and educational.

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  1. 4.15.12
    Mariel said:

    You are so pretty darling! LOVE you outfit and smile :)


  2. 4.13.12
    Annie said:

    That dress is gorgeous, and that denim vest looks TOO cute with it!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. 4.13.12
    Anonymous said:

    Super cute outfit !!

  4. 4.11.12
    Sara said:

    I love that dress!

  5. 4.11.12

    What a great thrift find! I probably wouldn’t have thought to wear a denim vest over a dress, but it totally works. Cute outfite!

  6. 4.11.12

    i love your whole look, it really says spring and it’s soo versatile i could also be summer. Anyways much love for your blog.

  7. 4.11.12
    Kylee said:

    Denim(jacket or vest) over a white dress is my favorite thing about Spring/Summer….I think because it means Spring is finally here.


  8. 4.11.12

    cute mix!

  9. 4.11.12

    Love it! Very cute and I love the shoes.

  10. 4.10.12
    shannon said:

    White eyelet + denim = the perfect spring/summer combination!!!

  11. 4.10.12

    I adore eyelet, and your dress is so sweet!


  12. 4.10.12
    Corinne said:

    Oh wow, I’ve got the exact same nail colour on today! Adds a nice pop to any outfit :)

  13. 4.10.12
    Terri said:

    I. Love. That. Necklace! You accessorized this perfectly.

  14. 4.10.12
    Christine said:

    I love denim and white!

  15. 4.10.12

    This is one perfect spring look! Love the dress, and your pendant completes is so great!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  16. 4.10.12
    steffy said:

    Love your minty nails, and this outfit is so cute.

  17. 4.10.12

    This eyelet dress is absolutely gorgeous! So crisp and refreshing and perfect for spring! I love this very much!

  18. 4.10.12

    I love your Monday Best. :)

  19. 4.10.12

    think it looks great, love it all and what a bargain keep up the good work

  20. 4.10.12
    Cathy said:

    Adorable as ALWAYS! XXOO

  21. 4.10.12

    Very pretty! I like how it’s not tooo ‘girly’ or ‘dressy’ – the vest and clutch add a coool element to it. If that makes sense? haha And ps – love the nail polish color!!

    • 4.10.12

      Makes perfect sense! That’s kind of what I was going for, so I’m glad to hear it works ;-) The nail color is one of my absolute favorites for spring and summer: Essie in Turquoise and Caicos. You can find it at most major drugstores now!

  22. 4.10.12

    Love it all! Iris always has a suggestion for that little something extra that makes an outfit. So glad you ladies had a great time!

    • 4.10.12

      It’s so true! She’s always has the perfect completer piece. She threw a cute red belt on our friend, Michelle, and completely changed her outfit. She’s the super woman of accessorizing ;-)