monday best


Liz Claiborne eyelet dress (thrifted) | INC denim vest (restyled) | MIA sandals | pendant necklace (found on a clearance rack for $3) | Big Buddha clutch (Hautelook)


Since I didn’t wear an Easter dress on Sunday, I threw one on for work on Monday. And to avoid looking like I was headed to a tea party, I put my denim vest on top of it and added a long necklace. I borrowed the denim-vest-over-a-white-dress idea from my friend, Iris, after seeing her put together the super cute combo over the weekend. Thanks, I!

See, girls trips are fun and educational.

24 thoughts on “monday best

  1. i love your whole look, it really says spring and it’s soo versatile i could also be summer. Anyways much love for your blog.


  2. Denim(jacket or vest) over a white dress is my favorite thing about Spring/Summer….I think because it means Spring is finally here.



  3. Very pretty! I like how it’s not tooo ‘girly’ or ‘dressy’ – the vest and clutch add a coool element to it. If that makes sense? haha And ps – love the nail polish color!!


    1. Makes perfect sense! That’s kind of what I was going for, so I’m glad to hear it works ;-) The nail color is one of my absolute favorites for spring and summer: Essie in Turquoise and Caicos. You can find it at most major drugstores now!


    1. It’s so true! She’s always has the perfect completer piece. She threw a cute red belt on our friend, Michelle, and completely changed her outfit. She’s the super woman of accessorizing ;-)


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