color-block dress (a pretty penny, available online) | Gianni Bini lace-up sandals | Big Buddha clutch (Hautelook)


IMG_3572 IMG_3569


Gotta love a dress that reminds me of one of my favorite childhood ice creams {if it had an extra stripe of blueberry?}. Although, I usually only ate the chocolate, so I guess it’s weird that I demanded it on every trip to the grocery store.

Can we talk about the fact that I finally [semi-]mastered the front braid?! I’ve spent way too many minutes I can’t get back watching tutorial videos and photo step-by-steps, and this morning the necessary synapses fired in sync and I did it. Small victories, friends. Next hurdle: the fishtail braid.

17 thoughts on “neapolitan

  1. Your hair looks so pretty like that. is it just a normal plait or is it a french plait?
    I can do them but they can take a few tries and I usually just get frustrated and give up!


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