taco night


{I’ve had these Rainbow flip-flops for about as long as I’ve had Chad}

IMG_3714 IMG_3716





Going out for dinner and drinks is one of our coping mechanisms during busy holiday weeks. As much as I love a home-cooked meal, the thought of all that clean-up makes my head spin after a 14-hour day of taking calls, assisting customers, designing, dealing with vendors, and other cat-herding. We quickly re-hash the day, then one of us drops the “okay, no more shop talk,” rule and we continue our evening in business-free bliss.

Working with your partner is one of those things… I have friends who say, “I could never work with my husband/wife all day,” and other friends who run businesses together like us. It can be tricky to balance a work and home life when you’re together 24/7, especially during high-stress times. Sometimes we want to kill each other. But celebrating a victory is so much sweeter when you can share it with your other half!

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  1. 5.18.12

    I love your sweater and bracelets! Great blog!

  2. 5.12.12

    I am dying over the cuteness of your hat! Only you could pull it off.


  3. 5.12.12

    so sweet!

  4. 5.10.12
    brabye said:

    Loving the arm candy…

  5. 5.9.12

    That sweater/hat/shades combo is a great look for you. Love it all!

  6. 5.9.12

    Love the hat and LOVE the bracelets!

  7. 5.9.12

    I work at the same company as my husband, and we love it! It is so great to know each other’s day so well, and be able to carpool and eat lunch together. Your situation is a bit different, but I think we’d love that, too!