dear santa, the doodle would like a paddle board for christmas.





Yesterday we spent the day with friends and all of our four-legged children relaxing by the lake, drinking margaritas, and eating BBQ until we fell into food comas. It was the perfect Sunday. I hope you’re all enjoying your holiday weekend!

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  1. dear santa, I would like a poodle for christmas :-)

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  2. kirsty wrote:

    the pup is so cute

    Posted 5.31.12 Reply
  3. Valerie wrote:

    Aw, such cute pics! Growing up, I had a dog that liked to swim in the lake, but don’t dare try to get her into the bath…

    Posted 5.28.12 Reply
  4. Amy wrote:

    too cute

    Posted 5.28.12 Reply


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