wrapped up in stripes


IMG_4342 IMG_4393


{striped wrap dress: loveappella (Hautelook, $26); bag: Coach (a pretty penny); wedges: Nine West (Beall’s Outlet)}


It’s really heating up around here, which means dresses and more dresses. Layering is no longer an option (which breaks my little scarf-loving heart) so I’m relying on stand-out pieces like this striped wrap dress to keep things interesting without a lot of extra pieces of flair.

I got crazy this weekend and bought a tube of Revlon’s Orange Flip lipstick. I’ve seen several stylish ladies rocking bright orange pouts around the interwebs, and spotting an Instagram by Lulu’s Friday afternoon while waiting in line at the bank finally put me over the have-to-have-it edge. I’ve been wearing it non-stop. First bright red, then fuchsia, and now orange? Who am I?

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  1. 6.7.12

    you need to stop it with these awesome wedge sandals. i love them!

  2. 6.6.12
    1discountdiva said:

    Cute look

  3. 6.6.12

    Wrap dresses are so universally flattering, and this one looks so freakin’ good on you. Love the pretty stripes too!


  4. 6.5.12

    That dress is very flattering on you!!!

  5. 6.5.12
    Jane said:

    Love your toe nail color! What kind is it?

    • 6.5.12

      It’s Essie’s Mesmerize! I think it’s my favorite blue for summer :)

  6. 6.5.12
    julie said:

    The color looks great on you. Perfect for your skin tone! Love the dress too.

  7. 6.5.12
    Amy said:

    your dress is adoarable

  8. 6.5.12
    Cathy said:

    LOVE that dress! Such a score!

  9. 6.5.12
    Vanessa said:

    Gorgeous colors! Loving the summery feeling of this outfit!

  10. 6.5.12

    I adore this… and couldn’t agree more as the weather gets hotter (gulp) I’ll have to leave my layering ways behind but I’ll absolutely be choosing fun prints & colours for my dresses! Hope your week is lovely, pretty lady!! xo

  11. 6.4.12

    The orange looks great on you! And I love that dress:)

  12. 6.4.12
    Myah said:

    I love the dress! It’s so fresh and springy (and your toe nail polish is so cute).

  13. 6.4.12
    Franziska said:

    Your shoes are great! I love a great wedge that goes with everything, especially ones that aren’t ridiculously high!

  14. 6.4.12
    Marjorie said:

    love the dress, looks girly and flirty! i dig the shades too.

  15. 6.4.12
    nwbnstr said:

    LOVE this look!

  16. 6.4.12
    Kayla said:

    LOVE the dress! And I think your lips look great. The orange color really compliments your skin! You look great!

  17. 6.4.12
    shannon said:

    Totally LOVE your dress and matching toe nails.


  18. 6.4.12
    Katie said:

    Looove this fun dress! The color of the stripes are perfect together!

    The orange lip looks awesome on you! :)

  19. 6.4.12
    maggie b. said:

    That lipstick looks amazing on you. I love that pic of you with the sunglasses and the ‘secret’ smile – I think you should frame it and post it in your dressing room or near your closet. {I wish I had a dressing room!}

    At any rate, I think you look very comfortable and chic.

  20. 6.4.12

    You look so lovely!

    I am going to have to try that lipstick. I’ve been loving the orange lipstick on so many people!

  21. 6.4.12

    Your hair is so long, Love it.
    Looks liek a new blog layout around here. :)

  22. 6.4.12
    Corinne said:

    What a gorgeous dress! I’ve been looking for some wrap dresses myself- they’re so flattering. And I love orange lips, great look! :)

    Life Etc