wrapped up in stripes


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{striped wrap dress: loveappella (Hautelook, $26); bag: Coach (a pretty penny); wedges: Nine West (Beall’s Outlet)}


It’s really heating up around here, which means dresses and more dresses. Layering is no longer an option (which breaks my little scarf-loving heart) so I’m relying on stand-out pieces like this striped wrap dress to keep things interesting without a lot of extra pieces of flair.

I got crazy this weekend and bought a tube of Revlon’s Orange Flip lipstick. I’ve seen several stylish ladies rocking bright orange pouts around the interwebs, and spotting an Instagram by Lulu’s Friday afternoon while waiting in line at the bank finally put me over the have-to-have-it edge. I’ve been wearing it non-stop. First bright red, then fuchsia, and now orange? Who am I?

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I’m a small town girl from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style.

I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear.

(Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

24 thoughts on “wrapped up in stripes

  1. LOVE the dress! And I think your lips look great. The orange color really compliments your skin! You look great!

  2. That lipstick looks amazing on you. I love that pic of you with the sunglasses and the ‘secret’ smile – I think you should frame it and post it in your dressing room or near your closet. {I wish I had a dressing room!}

    At any rate, I think you look very comfortable and chic.

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