{help!} my vision depends on you.

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Fun fact: My vision stinks. I make up for it with uncanny hearing and a pretty good sniffer, but I digress. I’ve needed vision correction since high school, and  started wearing contacts before my wedding five years ago. It took me forever to get up the nerve to touch my eyeball, but once I got the hang of it, I never really went back to glasses. I’d like to give my eyes a break, and work some cute frames into my daily rotation.

I first heard about Warby Parker around the time I started the blog. I love everything about this progressive eyewear company; the vintage-meets-modern style, the affordability, and the “get a pair, give a pair” model {I have a lot of respect for influential brands that use their power to do good}. What’s even better: Warby Parker gives you a chance to try up to five pair of glasses for five days, no strings attached, so you can find the perfect fit for your style.

Maybe it’s because I have a secret wish to look as effortlessly cool as Naomi Davis, or I’m ready to let my inner geek flag fly… but I have a serious crush on the nerd glasses trend. I finally made it to the ophthalmologist last week to get an updated prescription and ordered a home try-on kit. These three — Ainsworth, Beckett, and Holt — are my favorites.

Since I can’t splurge on all three, I need your help to pick a pair! What’s a girl to do?

What Do You Think?

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  1. Pam wrote:

    I vote for Ainsworth ! I love all the pics !

    Posted 6.12.12 Reply
  2. smcwrites wrote:

    So cute :) I was vision impaired too, I went for Lasik surgery a few years ago though and I’ve been very happy with it but I definitely agree, you need to give your eye balls a rest from the contacts every so often and those frames are cute! I voted for the Ainsworth ones – if I still needed glasses I’d go for them too!

    Posted 6.8.12 Reply
  3. Dyl wrote:

    ainsworth all the way

    Posted 6.8.12 Reply
  4. Keira, this is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing… I really need new glasses and don’t have time to go shopping for them. I have already ordered my five to try at home! What an amazing company, and fabulous idea! Happy Friday!

    Posted 6.8.12 Reply
  5. Moda Contagiante wrote:

    Your blog is amazing! So inspiring.
    I hope you visit me and we can follow each other if you like. I’d be so glad.


    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  6. Ainsworth frames looks best on you and I like the idea of trying five pairs and get your perfect style eyewear

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  7. They are all adorable, you really can’t go wrong with any of them! Glasses truly suit your face.

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  8. I love the Ainsworth frames on you! Also, Warby Parker is fantastic. I have the Finns, and their customer service can’t be beat. I love that glasses are finally considered “cool” but I wish people would stop calling them “nerd” glasses for all of us who’ve been wearing them our whole lives… :)

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
    • awwww… “nerd glasses” just refers to the style of the oversized plastic frames :)

      Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    Seeing Warby Parker frames kind of makes me want to wear glasses again… I got Lasik about 6 years ago (which has been AWESOME), but I always did love making a statement with glasses frames. Love the Ainsworth on you!

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  10. Corinne wrote:

    These look great on you! I wear contacts too and haven’t really used my glasses for years either. I’m also really thinking about getting some of these nerd style glasses though to start wearing again! :)

    Life Etc

    Posted 6.7.12 Reply
  11. Elena Marie wrote:

    I have the Willoughbys and the Pierces—-love them! I think they all look great on you—maybe love the Becketts the most. :)

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  12. Terri wrote:

    I’m actually not a fan of the nerd glasses trend for myself, but I’ve seen it look great on other people (such as you!). I’d pick either Ainsworth or Beckett.

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  13. Jenn wrote:

    I’m a very very happy owner of a pair of Warby Parkers! I believe the Ainsworth look marvelous on your very feminine features. Rock that geek chic look! :)

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  14. Anonymous wrote:

    I have never heard of this company! What a great idea! I might just order some new glasses. :)

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  15. Cathy wrote:

    Ainsworth by FAR the best on you!

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  16. Beckett! Though they’re so similar I doubt you’d have serious regrets about any of them.

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply
  17. Mamablue wrote:

    I LOVE me some nerd glasses! I’ve got an oversize pair myself and like the Ainsworth particularly on you. :o) Good luck!

    Posted 6.6.12 Reply


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