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Some on-the-go snaps from this weekend and the last. Some work, and some play. Our crepe myrtles are blooming, I’ve stocked up my summer reading selection, and we’re spending as much time in the sunshine as we can. Although, sunshine has been sparse recently.

Summer weekends are in full swing!

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  1. 6.15.12

    Cool photos !! I want to know what you bought in Sephora !! ;)


    xoxo from Japan

  2. 6.12.12

    lovely blog! I wish we had Sephora here in Australia!

  3. 6.11.12
    shannon said:

    Looks like a fun weekend (and pretty too!). Looks like you got some fun goodies from Sephora. Love that store!


  4. 6.11.12
    Kayla said:

    You should post like this more often! I love seeing your regular life in photos!

  5. 6.11.12
    Amy said:

    look like a nice weekend

  6. 6.10.12
    Corinne said:

    Lovely snaps – love all the pretty flowers :)

    Life Etc