this move just got real.


That’s our walk-in cooler, where we store all our fresh flowers and arrangements, all torn apart. Strategically torn apart, but apart nonetheless.

The refrigeration guys are working on moving it this evening. Then the masons have to come behind them and patch up the gigantic door-sized hole that will be gaping in the side of the building when they’re finished dismantling. All the while, the plumbers are at the new location putting in utility sinks, and the first pieces of signage with our new logo are being installed by a friend with a nearby print shop.

You know how you know something is coming, and you think you’re totally prepared for it, but when you least expect it something hits you square in the face and makes you realize this stuff is fo’ real happening? Seeing the walk-in cooler sans roof was that moment of realization for me.

So far, everything is falling into place beautifully. We still have a lot of work to do, but I’m running on Wild Cherry Pepsi (which is like liquid speed for this non-caffeiner) and pure excitement for this new adventure!

Now excuse me, I’ve got to go unpack a box or 20…


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  1. 7.2.12

    Wow, your little shop is Cute!!