week in review

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1. A sweet summer care package from Rue La La.

2. My new morning obsession. I pour half a bottle over ice and cut it with skim milk.

3. New signage. I adore our new colorful storefront.

4. Getting our business cards with the new logo makes everything seem more official somehow.

5. When did my hair get so long?! Used this curl tutorial for a girl’s night out.

6. Displays are starting to come together. I love this rug from Urban Outfitters (just $44!).

7. Family carpool to work. Doak wants to reduce his carbon paw-print.

8. Lots of easy outfits this week (cue the jeans and flats). Cute new “Ahoys” from Wanted.

9. I have a new appreciation for spray paint: the cheapest way to completely makeover just about any object.

10. Old oak mirrors from my mom got a new life.

11. Love me some chalkboard paint.

12. I’m back on Instagram! (username: @keiralennox) It required a semi-hostile takeover of Chad’s phone, until it’s available on my model of HTC. The withdrawals were just too much to bear.

9 thoughts on “week in review

  1. Your new storefront looks awesome. Wish you much success in the new loca Keira. Love to see more pics of your new shop. BTW I really enjoy reading your posts, keep them comin :-)….


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