today i’m: tired.

{ jeans: White House Black Market; jacket: 212 Collection (Kohl’s clearance, $13.20); wedges: SO (Kohl’s clearance, $10.20); bag: Dooney & Bourke Dillen II }

IMG_4023 IMG_4016


My grandmother used to have a magnet on her refrigerator that  asked, “How are you feeling today?” and showcased a little cartoon face in a range of illustrated emotions. It came with a little square frame that you could place over the face you most identified with for the day. I always made a point to put the frame over the faces I found particularly hilarious, like “hysterical” or “lovestruck,” while I poured myself a glass of chocolate milk.

Today I found myself thinking about that magnet while I assessed my current mental state, which is hovering somewhere between exhausted and overwhelmed. With a quick Google search, I found a poster version of that magnet on Amazon, and now that I’m all grown up I’m less than surprised to find exhausted is the first emotion in the lineup.

The thing about owning a business (especially a retail and service one) is that weekends are a privilege, not a right. Sometimes you sneak in a good day and a half of downtime, and other times you’re lucky to get five hours. This past weekend was one of the latter, following a busy week. I worked late Friday night, had to be back at the shop at 7AM on Saturday, and dragged myself back home after 6PM that evening.  Sunday was filled with family time, and by the late afternoon I couldn’t peel myself off the couch and away from Gossip Girl on Netflix. Stick a fork in it. Done.

My sweet husband gave me the morning off to sleep in and recuperate a bit, and now that I’m at the shop I’m taking advantage of a slow summer afternoon. Usually when I’m here, I’m in full work mode — making to-do lists, working on projects, making extra arrangements, etc — but today, I’m giving myself permission to enjoy the downtime and be a little lazy. Eat-chocolate-and-catch-up-on-my-bloglovin’-feed lazy.

That to-do list can wait until tomorrow.

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  1. 8.5.12
    lifeinahawksnest said:

    That bag is beautiful!

  2. 8.4.12
    Sara KEnt said:

    Hello Keira! I shared this lovely and honest post in this week’s edition of Saturday link love! Enjoy! :)

  3. 8.2.12

    Ooh that purse is so cute! So ladylike but modern.

  4. 8.1.12
    arayofsun said:

    i used to LOVE dooney & burke in high school. but then i thought they’re stuff was a little kitschy and i stopped even browsing their website. however, i have to say i absolutely adore your bag. the color is perfect!

  5. 8.1.12

    Your shoes are too cute!
    And perfect for a florist. :)

    • 8.1.12

      Thanks, Laura! :) In my mind, I should wear something floral every day as a florist, ha!

  6. 7.31.12
    hils said:

    i love the way your purse matches your shoes. so pretty.

  7. 7.30.12
    franishh said:

    Do I even have to tell you all the ways I love this outfit? That bright jacket, the perfectly casual jeans, the sexy shoes, that purse. I want all of it. Even if tired, you look amazing :)

  8. 7.30.12
    Jaclyn said:

    It’s nice when you can take a little time to rest on the weekends, even if it’s just for an evening. I love the outfit you put together, the colors match so well. Also, I love the design of your blog, it’s so pretty.

    Stay in the Lines

  9. 7.30.12
    Amy said:

    cute bag

  10. 7.30.12

    Well, for being so tired, you sure look cute! That bag is to die for. Congrats and good luck with your new business!

    Sarah’s Real Life

  11. 7.30.12
    Joanna said:

    Your purse is so cute. I love the pop of color it gives!

  12. 7.30.12
    Corinne said:

    Everyone needs to be able to slow things down and recharge the batteries once in a while. On the plus side, this outfit is cute! Love the turquoise with orange :)

    Life etc

  13. 7.30.12

    I appreciate this post so much! It’s so very true, when you are a business owner (especially if that business includes providing a service) weekends and down-time are definitely a privilege. I’m so glad that there are other young business owners that think it’s alright to take a breather from time to time. The general consensus (at least how I feel most of the time ) is that you must be CONSTANTLY working hard to make your business a success. But sometimes, it’s just better to be conscious ..and happy for the afternoon. The to-do list CAN i INDEED wait until tomorrow. Happy chocolatey bloglovin’ to you! ;)

  14. 7.30.12

    I love your shoes!