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IMG_4231 IMG_4232


{ dress: The Webster for Target; striped floppy hat: D&Y; sandals: Sam Edelman via Hautelook; backpack: Vera Bradley (purchased in college) }

IMG_4269 IMG_4271

Last Saturday, C and I packed a little suitcase and snuck away after work for a mini-break at our favorite spot on the Gulf coast. It’s really kind of ridiculous that we live smack in the middle of two beautiful coastlines, and never make it to the beach…

We’ve got the whole “work hard” thing down, and now we just need to make more time for some play {all part of that elusive balance we’re always striving for}. So while we were there, we made a deal to squeeze in a road trip at least once every couple of months to soak up the sunshine and recharge our batteries. It’s easier to drag yourself away when you know you’ll be returning soon.

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  1. 6.10.22

    Your blog is awesome. I enjoy reading through your post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. 8.9.12
    Tawny said:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    I always love your pictures and creativity. And, I love target (as long as everything I buy doesn’t shrink!!)

  3. 8.8.12

    LOVE that dress on you! The fit is so flattering and the color is gorgeous. I’m glad you got a chance to get away! Hopefully you can relax like that more often. :)

  4. 8.8.12
    Amy said:

    cute outfit

  5. 8.8.12
    Jupe said:

    Loving the warm, sherbety coral against the ocean! It’s the perfect relaxed but festive beach outfit. You look so happy and pretty :)

    <3 Cambria

  6. 8.8.12
    arayofsun said:

    i’m headed to the beach today actually! i wish i looked as effortlessly bright and chic as you!

  7. 8.8.12
    Corinne said:

    Sounds (and looks) absolutely perfect. Hope it was super relaxing :)

    Life etc

  8. 8.8.12
    pamehdez said:

    i love the backpack…follow me!! xoxo.

  9. 8.7.12
    SWFTerra said:

    Hi lovely! Yes, working hard is so important. But you must get away. Remember what life is about. It makes all of your hard work worthwhile. Next time I expect an invite. :)

  10. 8.7.12
    Sydney said:

    GORGEOUS! What lucky ducks you two are! Fabulous dress/hat and shots!

  11. 8.7.12
    Anne said:

    Ah, the best place to recharge (you look adorable doing it, too! Love the hat). And having the beach to look forward to again makes everything better.

  12. 8.7.12
    shannon said:

    You look so pretty and happy! What beautiful pictures and I adore these colors on you.


  13. 8.7.12
    Valerie said:

    I totally get the never going to the beach thing even though you live near some. I live 20 minutes from the beach and it seems the only time the hubby and I actually go is when his parents come down to snowbird.