forklifts and flower shops

{ denim shirt: thrifted; floral skirt and fedora: m.marie; (a cute floral short alternative) sandals: Beall’s Outlet }

IMG_4381 IMG_4402


{considering that my husband takes 90% of the photos for this blog, it’s really no surprise that the forklift — not my handbag — is the subject in focus in this particular shot…}

You’ll probably never find a use for a forklift in a flower shop… but we like to be prepared for anything.

Not really. This piece of heavy machinery came with the new property. Our landlords are temporarily parking it in the back storage bay of the shop, and Chad is looking for any reason to take it for a spin. So if someone would kindly order a 2-ton flower arrangement so my husband can put it on a palette and deliver it to you, he’d be the happiest guy ever.

He does look pretty cute on it, no?

10 thoughts on “forklifts and flower shops

  1. love the denim top! so happy i stumbled upon your blog through wordpress. would love for you to check out my new blog! i just started blogging on sunday and would appreciate any feedback i get, thanks!

    the degenerate beauty queen


  2. Oooh I love a denim shirt + skirt combo, and even better with the hat! Such a fun, laid-back vibe. Perfect for a flower lady, I’d say.


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