five things

Today I’m taking a cue from Cupcakes and Cashmere, and sharing five things I’m loving this week…

{getting spoiled by the chance to work with luxury flowers for a client with impeccable taste…}
neon craft paint DIY
{setting aside time to work on my DIY to-do list…}
gerbera daisy headband
{creating extra special pieces, like this gerbera headband for an employee’s niece to wear at the hospital the day her baby sister was born…}
{a stocked and organized walk-in cooler…}
{kicking things into gear for a busy season as summer draws to a close.}

What Do You Think?

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  1. janet wrote:

    WOW this is sooo cool!!! I cant wait to see if I can create this like you which Im sure is impossible!!!! Love it!
    Follow each other????

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    Posted 8.27.12 Reply
  2. Archana wrote:

    wow !!!


    Posted 8.21.12 Reply
  3. love this! going to do it too!

    Posted 8.20.12 Reply
  4. Can’t wait to try this
    I have nominated you for a blog award

    Posted 8.19.12 Reply
  5. That headband is so precious… and oh my gosh, those flowers – breathtaking!! Hope you’re enjoying a lovely Sunday!! xo

    Posted 8.19.12 Reply
  6. This is gorgeous! Love especially the daisy headband. Your work is beautiful… look forward to following your blog!

    Posted 8.19.12 Reply
  7. Reblogged this on Tuesday Dreams.

    Posted 8.18.12 Reply
  8. pinknmascara wrote:

    I need the DIY time too.. I also think te headband is gorgeous. Will stay tuned to your blog… Love the tips..

    Posted 8.18.12 Reply
  9. My favorite pic is the last one. I get a major hard-on for office supplies, and I love desk pictures. Is that weird? It’s weird.

    Posted 8.17.12 Reply
  10. Kristi wrote:

    Those are five great things to be happy about!

    Posted 8.17.12 Reply
  11. cuckoo wrote:

    It’s always a great week when you find things to love. BTW, it seems my phone is on your desk.. You have great taste, I guess I do too.

    Posted 8.17.12 Reply
    • I bought that lime green cover on Amazon for like, $4! It’s like a neon beacon that helps me find my phone quickly when I’ve misplaced it. Which is all the time.

      Posted 8.17.12 Reply
    • Thank you! I was really proud of it when it was finished :)

      Posted 8.17.12 Reply
  12. rhiannon wrote:

    love that headband! so adorable!

    Posted 8.17.12 Reply