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If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ve probably noticed that things are pretty different around here. I touched on the hows and the whys in this post back in May. The gist: after more than two years of posting the same type of content, my blog and I were getting a little bored with each other. Our relationship was getting stale… We needed to spice things up and rekindle the passion.

The changes have been good for us! I’m happy to report that we’re more in love than ever; by opening up this space to share more of my life, I have a renewed appreciation for my little corner of the Internet.

Now, by venturing out of the personal style niche and into the vast world of lifestyle blogging, my blog reader could use a new crop of inspiration. I have a list of blogs I read regularly, but I know there’s a whole wellspring of creative content out there just waiting to be tapped…

So I want to know your favorites. Which URLS do you visit faithfully to see what’s new? What makes them special and keeps you coming back for more?

I’m looking forward to exploring your recommendations!

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  1. 10.15.12
    Lauren said:

    Just discovered your sweet blog through a google search. Cute stuff darling.

    PS: Love your glasses! Where’d ya get them?!

  2. 8.28.12
    Anonymous said:

    So I know this maybe a bit late, considering you ask for suggestions a couple (or more) of days back, but here are some of my suggestions: Annies Eats (because she makes me hungry with just a snap of a picture), Rinse. Repeat (because I’m living vicariously through Bethany’s adventures) and I heart Organizing (because I want to get my house as pretty as hers looks).

    Hope this helps. Have a fantastic day!


    • 8.28.12

      Never too late! Thanks for the great suggestions, MJ! Going to check these out ASAP. :-)

  3. 8.27.12

    how about mine??? ninecentgirl.com and let me know what you think!!

  4. 8.27.12
    Jupe said:

    I really love the lacey top and tough girl vest/jacket…and those glasses are perfect on you!

    As for blogs, I really enjoy those that are real and personal and fun…try Urban Tease. She’s an awesome girl!

    <3 Cambria

  5. 8.26.12
    Megan said:

    Without a doubt, the first blog I read when it comes to my email (daily…I don’t think she’s ever missed so far…) is How Sweet It Is…Jessica is HI-larious and her recipes are yummy, yummy, yummy…one’s I don’t just read about, but actually make. One of the other things I LOVE about her (and that makes me feel a part of her little world) is that she responds to as many commenters as she can. I know that’s a lot to ask of you many faithful bloggers, but nothing draws me in more than a busy blogger taking a minute to say thank you or to comment specifically after a comment of mine/someone else.

    What I like about all the blogs I follow are (other than desserts…I am a baker after all :)) is just being real…sharing good, bad, sad, funny…posts short, posts long…picture, pictures, pictures…I like that you are broadening your horizons and I look forward to seeing more of your creativity :)

    • 8.27.12

      Thanks Megan! Well, now I’m obsessed. I need more food blogs to turn to for kitchen inspiration, so thanks so much for sharing How Sweet It Is!

      And I totally agree, I really love it when bloggers take time to reach out to their readers. This is something I’m trying to dedicate more time to myself. Thanks again!

  6. 8.26.12
    Maggie said:

    I am a big fan of We So Thrifty. Her posts are hilarious. Orangette for food and photo inspiration. Sidewalk Ready, The State Street Edit, and A Skirt a Day are other favorites for style.

    This is a great idea. I have been reading the comments and already added a bunch of new blogs to my Google Reader.

    • 8.27.12

      Oh my goodness, thank you for leading me to We So Thrifty! What an awesome blog!

  7. 8.23.12
    Franziska said:

    I’m just going to copy and paste my “blogs I love” from my blog and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do :) (the links didn’t transfer though :( )

    Lilly’s Style {love her for her adorable casual work outfit inspirations}
    The Stylish Housewife {love her for mani inspirations and Birchbox reviews}
    Running On Happiness {love her for her bright outfits and fun DIY projects}
    26 and Counting {love her for her smart choices for the workplace for a 20something}
    Veronika’s Blushing {love her for her business attire and home decor ideas}
    What I Wore {love her for her casual outfits and cute vintage finds}
    Story of My Life {love her for her gorgeous pictures and beautiful writing}
    Penny Pincher Fashion {love her for her cute and accessible clothing choices}
    Rachael, Really {love her for her quick wit and fun outfits}
    The (Chloe) Conspiracy {love her for her almost daily list of sales going on}
    The Good Life {love her for her layered outfits and recent shopping steals}
    See Jane {love her for her beautiful put together outfits and home making tips}
    Gal Meets Glam {love her for her fun outfits and gorgeous hair tips}
    Pshiiit {love her for her beautiful nails – a must read for any girl looking for nail polish ideas!}
    A Pretty Penny {love her for her thrifting finds and floral arrangements} (thats you!)
    Oh So Glam {love her for her accesible clothing choices and pretty jewelry choices}
    Along the Lines of Style {love her for working with her dress code as a teacher while still looking stylish}
    Putting Me Together {love her for workable wardrobe advice, and tips on how to improve your closet}
    Twelve by Six {love her for her chic work outfits and cute casual wear}
    Bedknobs and Baubles {love her for her beautiful jewelry choices, and that she a Madison girl too!}
    District of Chic {love her for her gorgeous work wardrobe and fun weekend style}
    Chic on the Cheap {love her for her amazing thrift finds and how she puts them together

  8. 8.23.12
    JoJoisPurple said:

    I love The Renaissance Mind…..definitely a good read!

  9. 8.23.12

    Oh man, there’s just too many to count, but I’ll try to share a few that I love: In Residence (http://annehoekman.blogspot.com/), Say Yes to Hoboken, Henry Happened, Respect the Shoes, and Not Dressed as Lamb. I think that’s a good variety :)

  10. 8.23.12
    Valerie said:

    I really like A Beautiful Mess, but see you already have that in your blog roll. I also really enjoy The Dainty Squid and perhaps even a slight obsession with Apartment Therapy. (It’s great even if you don’t live in an apartment.)

  11. 8.23.12

    I like Truth and Cake, Go Jules Go, Please Note, and A Continuous Lean.

  12. 8.23.12
    Anne said:

    I just happened upon A Beautiful Mess and am loving it. For inspiration, Creature Comforts is always great, as is In Honor of Design. Excited to check out some of the other recommendations in the comments, though goodness knows I don’t REALLY need to spend more time reading blogs…

  13. 8.23.12
    LWP Elle said:

    I like kinkycurlycoilyme, A New York Pointe of View, and Adult Beginner. Just found your blog and have been enjoying it too.

  14. 8.22.12
    kendra said:

    oh i just love Posie gets Cozy, what a charmed life and so poetic. I just recently found Marionberry Style, shes quirky, and I also love the stylings of Running on Happiness. I also like Bluecollar catwalk and for home stuff I really love Centsational Girl, really good site. For food I like Iowa Girl Eats, check her out on Fridays ( my fave) and Skinnytaste and Peanut Butter and Peppers is where I go for food inspiration. I could go on and on, but I will stop! Love your site too, obviously.

  15. 8.22.12
    Anonymous said:

    ooooooHH! Please post links in a post of the new blogs you find and like….please?!

  16. 8.22.12

    You mean besides A Pretty Penny? Young House Love for sure–their posts are fun to read and I love their decor style! Small Notebook is great for clutter-busting/simple lifestyle inspiration. I look to peacefulwife.com for faith-based and wonderfully practical advice on building a strong marriage. I also love Feathers & Freckles for fashion, as well as one I just subscribed to: J’s Every Day Fashion.

  17. 8.22.12

    Try Easy Petite Looks (http://easypetitelooks.com/). She has a nice, casual style that most women can relate to – not just those of us under 5’4″, but she does post some great finds for the shorter set.

  18. 8.22.12
    Corinne said:

    Most of the blogs I love reading are style ones, but they are all super varied! Some of my favourites are the Daybook, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Nat the Fat Rat, Fabulously Average, A Fancy Day, The Other Side of Grey, My Edit, Feather and Freckles, It’s An Easy Life, Explore Dream Discover, Harpers Happenings and lots more… Love the direction you’re going with your blog! :)

    Life etc

  19. 8.22.12

    ooh good question, I love A Beautiful Mess, The Daybook, Rockstar Diaries and Petite Biet, for the American ones and for British lifestyle blogs Florence Finds is amazing! I go on there twice a day,I also recommend Any Other Woman and What I heart today, (A beauty blog.) I love your blog its on my daily reads list!

  20. 8.22.12
    Jeannee said:

    I subscribe to all sorts of blogs that show up in my email! I love blogs! That said, there are some addresses that when they do show up, I tend to hit on them first (or at least, fairly quickly) and they tend to fall in the broader category of “life as I know it”, even if (especially if!) the life that they know, is outside of my realm … some off the top of my head include salted lithum; theplussideofme; pull up your socks!; Young house love; Nany’s closet; xl as life