fridays were made for party pants


Cheers to the weekend, friends!

I don’t have much time to write today; we’re working on flowers for a wedding, a birthday party, several weekend memorial services, and trying to get everything wrapped up early so we can head out for dinner and drinks to celebrate my momma’s birthday. Have a lovely weekend!

{ tee: Wal-Mart ($9.99); jeans: Kohl’s clearance ($13); flats: LC Lauren Conrad ($10); Coach swingpack }

14 thoughts on “fridays were made for party pants

  1. can’t believe that shirt is from walmart! i love it. how long ago did you buy it? as in, do you think i could walk in there today and snag it too? xoxoxox



    1. Yes! I just bought it last weekend! I have to say, I lurked around the clothing department for a few minutes and was pleasantly surprised by all the things I wanted to toss in my cart!


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