mini lemon blueberry cheesecakes


For family and friend get-togethers, I’m usually charged with bringing dessert. Which is a-okay with me, because I love myself some sweets. Even more, I love finding simple recipes that I can throw together quickly but look like I drudged in the kitchen for hours.

For Labor Day, I spent a luxuriously lazy day with some of my closest friends hanging out on the water, followed by an uhh-mazing dinner. We finished up with these mini lemon blueberry cheesecakes I adapted from this recipe.

Keep reading for the super simple rundown…


Originally, I planned to use Vanilla Wafers as a base and throw some raspberries on top. But as I stood in the cookie aisle searching for gluten-free ginger snaps for my friend, Lauren, I spied these all-natural lemon cookies and scooped them up instead. Then when I got home, the raspberries I bought weren’t as sweet as I’d hoped, so I swapped them for fresh blueberries.

Sometimes the best recipes are the ones you throw together on the fly.


Making the cheesecake filling takes about 3 minutes. Put a package of softened cream cheese in a bowl. Toss in half a cup of sugar. Break out the hand-mixer and beat the cream cheese and sugar together until it’s smooth.


Then fold in a tub of thawed Cool Whip.

You’re done.


I like foil baking cups for these kinds of recipes, because they’re sturdier and hold thick fillings better than their paper brethren. Drop a cookie into the bottom of each baking cup, then spoon in the cheesecake filling. Top with fresh blueberries (or raspberries; or get crazy and use both!) and stick them in the refrigerator until you’re ready to serve them up.


The great thing about this recipe — besides the compliments your friends will shower upon you for your kitchen skillz — is there are endless ways to shake it up. Experiment with different cookies, add flavors or syrups to the filling, or top with chocolate, candies, fresh whipped cream, crushed cookies, whatever!!

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  1. 7.3.15
    Festelya said:

    i like this recipe,seems easy to do and the sweet is a really fresh and light dessert.

  2. 3.12.15

    They look amazing! I love the idea of putting them in cupcake cases, perfect for parties!

  3. 9.1.14

    This looks delicious, I’m gonna try this <3

  4. 1.7.13
    cynt5525 said:

    This looks and sounds delicious !!! :)

  5. 11.8.12

    Hey there! This looks delish! I’m gonna have to try it soon (life of a college student makes it hard to try anything other than homework though =().


  6. 9.14.12
    Linda said:

    They look so good! I’ll try them with a gluten free cookie. I like to find recipes that are easy to adapt and this is one! Have a nice day.

    • 9.14.12

      I thought they’d be great with GF ginger snaps, because they’d hold up really well against the filling without getting soggy!

  7. 9.11.12

    It looks so yummy! thanks for sharing ;-)

  8. 9.10.12
    jmcvl said:

    This is such a nice idea. Do they set, or do you need to serve a spoon with them?

    • 9.10.12

      They’re pretty firm, and small enough to manage in a bite or two, but we used spoons.

      • 9.10.12
        jmcvl said:

        Ah brilliant. I was thinking about trying them for a party! I just need to work out the USA-UK conversion of cups and I will be well on my way! great post btw

        • 9.10.12

          Oh, I wish I could help with this! Fortunately, there aren’t too many ingredients :)

          • 9.10.12
            jmcvl said:

            Ah – I am sure it wont take long to Google it! It will be worth it!

          • 9.10.12

            Let me know how they turn out!

  9. 9.10.12

    hello! have a nice day ..I nominated you for the sunshine award visit my site and check it out :)

  10. 9.9.12
    7cakes said:

    These look sooooo good! Yum =D

  11. 9.9.12

    WOW! I’m so stealing this! :)