just another day at the office.

Snaps from a busy Saturday. I always love the seasonal shift at the flower shop. Fall brings dark bold flowers, lots of texture {think pods, mushrooms, wheat and grasses, and dried oak leaves} and a kind of laid-back, cozy design style.

Last weekend we worked on a garden-style wedding for a sweet couple with a natural organic aesthetic (he owns a great health food store just a few blocks from our shop). I incorporated fresh herbs into the boutonnieres — lavender, rosemary and sage — and we designed her bouquets to look like the girls gathered up handfuls of fresh flowers for the ceremony.


We also worked on centerpieces for a surprise birthday party. The client wanted something casual and elegant, so we grouped garden-style flowers into mason jars and tied them up with lots of raffia.

Welcome, Fall! I’m so very happy you’re here.

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  1. 9.16.12
    Linda said:

    I love your flower shop, and I love the rosemary and sage combined with the flowers. Will you move to Texas and do the flowers for my wedding? :)

    • 9.17.12

      Oh, wouldn’t that be lovely?! I’ll talk to C and see if I can move to TX for a spell ;-)

  2. 9.13.12
    Megan said:

    you are so talented!!!!

    • 9.14.12

      Thank you very much! It’s taken lots and lots of practice, and I still have SO much to learn!

  3. 9.12.12
    Jupe said:

    Breathtaking…don’t normally like purple flowers but these are so romantic and look amazing with the cream.

    <3 Cambria

    • 9.12.12

      Thanks, Jupe! I love purples when there are lots of shades involved — lavender to plum in one arrangement :)

  4. 9.12.12
    Beleigh said:

    How gorgeous! Love the purple.

    Beleigh, Hearing Aids Colorado

  5. 9.12.12


  6. 9.11.12
    megbenj said:

    beauteous! Wish you were up here in MA so I could have you do the flowers for my wedding this spring! Love your blog BTW – I enjoy reading it!

    • 9.12.12

      {le sigh…} If only I could be a traveling florist! :-) Thanks for the sweet words!

  7. 9.11.12

    wow! so cute :)
    love purple


  8. 9.11.12
    Jeannee said:

    Um … what a day at the office! Now, I in no way can do the things u do! – that said – someone would have said to me incorporating fresh herbs into the bridal flowers and I would go – say what now?! oh, c’mon! really, really?! but THEN I saw what you did and – WOW! love this!!! terrific job!!!

    • 9.11.12

      Thank you, Jeannee! It’s always fun to do things a little unexpected ;-) It was perfect for this couple, because he’s all about organic living!

  9. 9.11.12
    arayofsun said:

    beautiful arrangements, i love everything about fall. around here, you know it’s fall when all of the farm stands and grocery stores start selling mums regularly. can’t wait until this happens this year!!!


    • 9.11.12

      Ahh, mums! I love the huge football mums in fall colors.

  10. 9.11.12
    shannon said:
  11. 9.11.12
    Valerie said:

    Those arrangements are beautiful! Nice job!