fancy pants.

{ Milano ruffled blouse (secondhand, $6); Hot Kiss “Skinny Lily” floral jeans (Beall’s Outlet, $19.99); Simply Vera Vera Wang beanie; JustFab bag; Jessica Simpson shoes }



I’m like 80% sure that I had an almost identical pair of jeans in 1991, and absolutely certain I had a babydoll dress in this blue-on-black floral. There are awkward elementary school photos to prove it. With feathered bangs.

I must’ve been in a particularly nostalgic mood when browsing through the outlet store a few weeks ago, because these babies spoke to me from their rack in the juniors’ section — territory that I don’t often venture into, because my body doesn’t exactly fit into the straight slim cuts designed for teenager hips… but I digress. They pulled me in like a moth to a flowery flame, and before I even knew what happened I was standing in the checkout line to make them mine.

Here’s the thing: while standing in said line, I was running through all the ways I was going to wear these babies {“they’re going to be so versatile; what can’t you pair with bold floral denim?!”}. Ah contraire, mon frère. Figuring out a way to wear them without looking like my 8-year-old self turned out to be much trickier than my compulsive buying justification estimated! I decided a neutral ladylike blouse with an all-grown-up handbag was the way to go. When {if} the weather cools down a bit, I can see pairing them with a big chunky sweater and casual boots. So that’s two ideas. Far less than the dozens I had waiting in that queue, which I guess I erased from memory immediately after I swiped my debit card.

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  1. 10.4.12
    nicole s. said:

    love these jeans! i’m always a fan of florals and stripes, so maybe there’s a third way you can style these babies? i can also see a dark emerald blouse or sweater looking stellar with them.

    • 10.5.12

      You’re so right, Nicole! I love jewel tones, but I never seem to purchase them!? I’m adding an emerald top to my shopping wish list :-)

  2. 10.3.12
    seecathywrite said:

    Great outfit!

  3. 10.3.12
    shannon said:

    You look darling!!! OMG! I love this outfit from head to toe. Totally beautiful.

  4. 10.3.12
    arayofsun said:

    Love the outfit! You’re so cute!!!!

  5. 10.3.12

    Ooh! Ooh! I have one: with a white tee and black blazer. You probably didn’t wear blazers as an 8-yr-old, right?

    Sarah’s Real Life

    • 10.5.12

      Nailed it, Sarah. A great black blazer is on my radar this season. I wore my last one to bits.

  6. 10.3.12
    Corinne said:

    I love those pants – very fancy! I think you’ll find plenty of ways to wear them, I have with mine! Any plain top or button down shirt goes great, and chambray always works :)

    Life etc

    • 10.5.12

      Thanks for the suggestions, Corinne! I really need more button-downs and tailored shirts in my life… And a girl can never have too much chambray.

  7. 10.3.12
    Missy said:

    That print does look familiar! I miss that 8 year old girl in the baby doll dress and the feathered bangs, but I’m very proud of the girl in these pictures wearing the floral print jeans.

  8. 10.3.12
    Amy Moore said:

    Maybe try mixing patterns with a neutral and simple striped top?

    • 10.5.12

      mmm… maybe a soft striped sweater when the weather gets a bit cooler? Thanks for the suggestion, Amy!

  9. 10.3.12

    Too Cute!
    Great look for you. :)

  10. 10.3.12
    fashionforlunch said:

    These look really cute!!!!

  11. 10.3.12

    You wear the pants much better than any 8-year-old I know. They look fabulous on you!