a week in review

I went into this week with a little anxiety. Chad and I have two employees at our flower shop; both part-time designers, and both on vacation. It’s been a while since we held down the shop all alone, and with season kicking into gear we weren’t sure what to expect…

protea sunshine

It ended up being one of the best weeks we’ve had in a long time. I got the opportunity to really challenge my design abilities {and speed!} and we sailed through the week like old pros. We’re a pretty great team, the hubs and I.


We had some fun projects this week! Including a 21st anniversary party for a local ad agency (who also happen to be friends of ours). We drank a lot of wine and bubbly at night to prepare for that project… which may have helped to keep us so relaxed and fancy-free all week, ha!

Picture 10

Speaking of help, we hired a new delivery driver this week! Which is a huge relief for us. I sent out this photo plea on our Facebook page, and hired someone by the following morning. The power of social media never ceases to amaze me…


CNP3Here’s a sneak-peek of the work we did for the ad agency. It’s kind of my favorite thing we’ve ever done. In the spirit of celebration and the agency coming of “legal” age, we repurposed wine and champagne bottles with a few coats of metallic spray paint, and used them as vases and decor. The piece above was designed in an old farm crate!


And now I’m wrapping things up at the shop, and ready to put this great week to bed. These pretty little babies were my last order of the day. They’re headed to a baby shower, and I’m headed home to kick my feet up and watch shameless amounts of television in my sweats.

Have a lovely weekend, friends!

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  1. 11.4.12

    So cool!

  2. 10.8.12
    dorhora said:

    Re-purposed wine and champagne bottles…very clever and gorgeous results!

  3. 10.7.12

    Reblogged this on andream12327.

  4. 10.6.12

    You have such an eye! I love your designs!!!!!!! So happy to see you doing so well! :)

  5. 10.6.12
    fashionforlunch said:

    Love a flower!!!!

  6. 10.6.12

    Love this post!
    I always feel so happy looking at flowers.
    Always buy a few buckets a week haha, waaaay too much money,
    but well actually they’re worth it. I’m now crazy about all flowers dark red and leaves!


    • 10.8.12

      You’re right, they’re worth the investment! I absolutely love having fresh flowers in our home. It makes it so cozy and welcoming :)