{fresh lavender snipped from our herb garden this morning.}

All of the windows are open to let the first cool breezes of the season work their magic. A new cinnamon broom is filling the house with all the spicy deliciousness of fall. I’m warming up last night’s chili and sour cream cornbread for lunch, while homemade chicken and dumplings simmer in the slow cooker for later. The only thing on the agenda is a long afternoon nap (which is why I’ve yet to change out of my pajamas) and maybe a hot bath and a manicure.

A perfect Sunday. I wish I could bottle it up and make it last all week long.



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  1. 10.28.12
    Corinne said:

    Sounds like a perfect Sunday indeed! Love all the little adjustments you’ve been making to your blog btw :)

    Life etc

  2. 10.28.12
    Anonymous said:

    Sounds wonderful!!

  3. 10.28.12

    Oh you have a herb garden, how wonderful. I am so jealous!!!