{ Classic St Andrews Lady watch c/o Daniel Wellington. Order before the end of November and save 15% with the discount code “Pretty” }
{ LOFT sweater; DL 1961 skinnies; Amrita Singh handbag; Stampede boots c/o Wanted }

Well, I’ve spent the entire amount of time I allotted for writing this post reading Suri’s Burn Book, so uh… there’s that. Add to that an empty stomach that’s yet to have lunch (or breakfast, for that matter) and my brain is pretty much mushy-mush.

So um, this is what I wore today.

And that, my friends, is all I’ve got.

* It took at least three minutes of brain-dead staring at the screen to come up with that award winning post title… Today is Tuesday, right?

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  1. 11.7.12
    gotdalook said:

    I love your bag and sweat, I will draw it for a look I think :-)

  2. 10.31.12

    Great post! Love the boots!:)

  3. 10.30.12

    You look so pretty and classic!

  4. 10.30.12

    This is a great casual Tuesday outfit! :)

  5. 10.30.12

    What a lovely outfit! You always look so cute!
    And love the color of your nail polish!


  6. 10.30.12


  7. 10.30.12
    Sorren said:

    I LOVE Suri’s Burn Book. Seriously, whoever thought it up is a genius. The tweets are one of my go-tos when I need a pick me up!

    Also, you look wonderful, mushy brain and all!

    • 10.30.12

      I JUST discovered it this afternoon and I’m hooked. Next item on the to-do list, follow on Twitter ;-)

      Thank you, Sorren :)

  8. 10.30.12

    Yes, today is Tuesday. And you look adorable!