for all you ghouls and goblins…


I made these sweet little mummies for a Halloween party that I co-hosted with my friend Perry at the shop last year (you can read about it here). They’re one of my favorite spooky treats!

Here’s the easy-peasy rundown…

You’ll need:
Oreos, a bag or two of white chocolate chips for melting (it’s gotta be Ghirardelli in the Lennox kitchen), and Reese’s Pieces.

Carefully heat the white chocolate in a saucepan until it’s melted and smooth. Then dunk your favorite Oreos in the chocolate one at a time until they’re completely covered. {Tip: use a fork to gently remove the cookies so the excess chocolate can drip back in the pan; good chocolate is a horrible thing to waste}.

Lay the chocolate-covered cookies on wax paper, and gently press Reese’s Pieces “eyes” into place before the chocolate hardens. When you’ve dunked cookies to your heart’s content, let them cool on the wax paper until the white chocolate hardens into a delicious creamy melt-in-your-mouth shell of goodness. Then, using the remaining melted chocolate from the saucepan, drizzle “bandages” over each cookie. You can do this with a spoon, or fill a ziplock bag with the melted chocolate and cut a tiny hole in the corner to make a piping bag — but be careful, because the chocolate will be warm! Let the mummies cool completely (or pop ’em in the fridge to speed things up) before serving.

What are your Halloween plans? We’ve had about three trick-or-treaters in the six years we’ve lived in our house, so C and I have a tradition of take-out and scary movies on the couch. I’ll make a pit-stop at the drugstore on the way home for other essentials, like fun-size candy bars and a six-pack.

Hope your holiday’s a scream!

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    These are so cute + they look absolutely heavenly! Mmmmm!!!

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    Anonymous said:

    Sooooop cute !!!

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    Great post!:)