{there’s home-brewed Barnie’s Santa’s White Christmas coffee in that cup! hurrah for seasonal treats!}


It’s a rare day when a girl can walk around Central Florida with a jacket, boots, and a beanie without getting strange glances from passerby. With temps in the 60’s (that’s cold for us “thin-blooded” southern folk) I’m breaking out all of my cool-weather artillery, because who knows when we’ll get it again!

Let’s break it down, head-to-toe:

I bought this beanie at The Wal-Marts last year for something ridiculous, like, a buck-fifty? Then I buried it under a stack of September issues on our desk at home, and rediscovered it when cleaning up the house over the weekend.

This pretty lace blouse is one of my favorite purchases of late. I scooped it up at Beall’s Outlet a few months ago for $12. It’s the perfect lightweight layering piece! You can find similar wallet-friendly styles here, here, and here.

I’m pretty much living in these Stampede riding boots from Wanted Shoes this season — cold weather or no. I’ve already scuffed the toe and put a scratch on one of the uppers, which just adds to their charm and yeah-I-just-got-back-from-the-stables appeal {she tells herself}.

What Do You Think?

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  1. sanooomka wrote:

    such a beautiful girl! <3 and i fell in love in that bag ;p

    Posted 11.18.12 Reply
  2. I love your handbag! Where did you get that from?

    Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  3. I LOVE this outfit! You are too cute! The green bag is such a nice pop against all of those warm tones.

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
  4. love your boots soooooo much!! <3

    Posted 11.11.12 Reply
    • Thanks! The best part is, they’re just as comfy as they are cute! ;-) Wanted Shoes never disappoints.

      Posted 11.12.12 Reply
  5. Valerie wrote:

    Really like the boots. (And yes, as a fellow Central Floridian I was pretty excited to wear a sweater!)

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  6. shannon wrote:

    Totally love this look. And your handbag is such a pretty color.

    Posted 11.9.12 Reply
  7. bunnymysweet wrote:

    Lovely look, great layering!
    (\ /)
    ( . .)

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  8. steffy wrote:

    Am I crazy or does your blog look different? If it does, I like it. And I like this outfit. 60’s this time of year in Missouri is such a treat for us, so I’m a bit jealous.

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
    • It does look different, thank you for noticing! I’ve been working on some upgrades to make it more reader-friendly :)

      Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  9. Lovely pics! Very pretty! :)

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  10. Pretty!

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  11. Christine wrote:

    This is so chic and gorgeous! The muted tones are speaking to me.

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply
  12. amy wrote:

    When I moved back to Michigan from Florida people thought I was crazy b/c my winter coat was out in September. There like it nice out. It was in the 40’s I was freezing.

    Posted 11.8.12 Reply