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Billabong tote bag

Last week, my friend Meg celebrated the 3-year anniversary of her boutique, m.marie. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to spend this month’s hundred bucks on some new things and support her.

Since giving myself a strict monthly budget, shopping has become more strategic — less compulsive snatching and spending. I went in with a plan: Resist the urge to buy a cute dress or top that I may wear once or twice, and instead look for items I can get lots of mileage from. Pants or denim (I love the Blank NY brand she carries), a great everyday carry-all bag, a unique piece of jewelry, or maybe a cute pair of shoes. While I usually like to stock up on lots of smaller-priced items on a shopping trip (like, ten $10 things) I’m realizing that it’s worth it to make investments on pieces you’ll use over and over again. Quality over quantity. A closet full of well-made basics that you can spice up with accessories, as opposed to twenty varieties of cheap tank tops and stacks of ill-fitting junior’s clearance skinny jeans because “more is better.” Follow me?

So after a blood orange and prosecco cocktail and a few trips around the shop, I settled on this graphic Billabong bag — perfect for toting back and forth to work every day with my Macbook and notebooks — and a pair of black suede lace-up wedges that were half off. My total was $92 and change, and I left excited about my purchases and so proud of Meghan for all of her success in her small business!

That leaves me with about $8 for the rest of the month. Just enough for a new Essie nail polish, or a replacement tin of Rosebud minted rose lip balm (I lost mine when my purse was stolen over the summer). But I think I’ll just let it ride, and wait for next month.

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Author: Keira Lennox

I'm a small town lady from the sunshine state with an affinity for bookstores, beauty counters and unfussy style. I spend my days running my flower shop, and my nights blogging about what I love and what I wear. (Or watching Netflix and drinking wine.)

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  • That bag is amazing! And I know what you mean- I just bought a brand new tote that I can fit my laptop and notebooks in to carry around with me! Stylish and Functional=Total Win!

  • I think that is so smart! I am usually always searching for the small, cheaper things but they tend to only last for a short time and then I am just going back within a few months or so to buy another one (not worth it)! Thanks for the tip! Recently bought a denim jacket with studs that I am IN LOVE with! Payed about $50 for it but it is worth it!

  • I really needed to read this today…if you can do it, so can I! I just need to really be strong and follow through. Thank you for the inspiration and I can’t wait to see the wedge lace up booties!

  • That purse was well worth saving for! I’m learning the same lessons you are these days — about quality over quantity. Thanks for sharing this journey with us! It’s very inspiring to me!

  • Good for you that you really enjoy your purchase! That bag is gorgeous!! I totally understand the act of just buying and spending but your right, buying pieces that you will get a lot of mileage out of is a great rule of thumb! =) Enjoy your day!

    Ergo – Blog

  • It’s so great the monthly budget has worked! I too have struggled with impulse purchases and wine up spending too much money on clothes shoes and other stuff. Monthly budgets work for me until I go on vacation. And then I blow it… like this week I am going to the states to visit my sister and shop Black Friday… and I am afraid my will power to buy investment pieces and stick to a budget will go out the window :-( Any tips?

  • That bag is amazing!
    Keep up the hard work shopping budget wise! I’ve been trying something similar but so far keep slipping up on little things like Christmas shopping… 1 present for my mum, aaaand 5 presents for me! :p

  • i think you did great! It’s making me so much more selective too! I saw that Target’s designer line with Kirna Zabete went 70% off today, so I bought a few things b/c I didn’t have time to decide and I will take back most of it and keep 1 or 2 things I really love. Way to support your pal!

  • Awesome bag and awesome tactic about spending on pieces that will get a lot of mileage!


  • That is so awesome! I have been trying really hard over the past couple of years to break the old habits and be more like this. I have a closet FULL of inexpensive (as in clearance rack, not cheap quality) stuff that’s still nice but it’s not stuff I LOVE, it was just thrill shopping. I have found that in “my older years” (28? haha) I appreciate my nicer items that were well thought out purchases. Love the bag you chose!

    • “Since giving myself a strict monthly budget, shopping has become more strategic…” This line is so me nowadays. Its so relatable. With all the ‘independent-living’ scheme, budgeting is always a must for me. I only bought a bottle of Lacoste Touch of Pink this month! Thank you for this Kiera. :)