seeking a cure for the common cold

{sad sick-face and takeout pho with enough sriracha to take down a small horse}

For our flower shop family, catching a post-holiday bug is just as much a part of tradition as the Thanksgiving turkey. We spend the weeks leading up to each major holiday on overdrive, working double-time to get everything done for work and family, and by the time it’s over we crash. Like, hard.

I usually catch something of the 24-hour variety and I’m back in fighting shape before the leftovers are gone. But this year, between working unexpectedly long shifts and a hot-to-cold weather change, I picked up a nasty head cold that’s been plaguing me since Saturday. What started as an itchy throat morphed into a sinus-swelling, eye-watering, throat-scathing mess — literally overnight. And not even a sexy cold voice to show for it!

Yesterday I stopped at the drugstore on the way to work, and about half a dozen of us sickies were gathered together in the cold and flu aisle, commiserating over the Mucinex and DayQuil and twenty kinds of cough drops. Raise your hand if you’re not infected with some kind of germy funk right now…

I’m washing my hands like the cast of The OCD Project, drinking my weight in orange juice, popping Halls Defense and Luden throat drops like candy, and considering buying stock in Kleenex; all while whining and pouting like a four year old because I’m the worst sick person ever. {Sorry, honey. You’re a saint.} Welcoming any and all home remedy suggestions before I drive my sweet husband straight over the edge with my schnoz-blowing ridiculousness.

Well, it’s day four; and besides looking like a red-nosed, mouth-breathing extra from The Walking Dead, I’m [forcibly] optimistic that this thing has almost run its course. In the meantime, I could really use a YouTube beauty guru makeup lesson on how to look less zombified this cold and flu season.

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  1. 11.29.12

    This will sound totally random… coconut oil. Anti fungal/bacterial/viral properties. Cook your food in it, melt it into your tea, add it to your yogurt… doesn’t cure but it cuts the duration and prevents secondary infections. Also this stuff I found called “thieves oil”… smells wonderful, has a number of germ killing essential oils. I spray it everywhere to clean during cold season.

    And sleep, LOTS of sleep.

    • 11.30.12

      You’re not the first I’ve heard this from! Coconut Oil is some seriously versatile stuff. I love using it as a moisturizer, but clearly I need to be ingesting some, too ;)

  2. 11.29.12
    arayofsun said:

    I know the minute I say I haven’t sick this season I’ll get sick so I’m not saying anything except hope you feel better ASAP!!!!

    • 11.30.12

      Ha, good call, Megan! I distinctly remember making one of those haughty, “I never get sick!” statements just a few weeks ago… ;-)

  3. 11.28.12
    Kayla said:

    I swear by a natural remedy called elderberry. It works best if you take it at the first sign of any bug, by attaching itself to the illness so it can’t attack your body. Get some, and keep it on hand for next time. It’s miraculous! Good luck healing!

    • 11.30.12

      Thank you! I’m going to look into this at my local health food store!

  4. 11.28.12

    I have the post Thanksgiving funk, too. Happy healing!

  5. 11.28.12

    get well soon! We just love to see you smile, your smile is contagious! :D


  6. 11.28.12

    I love to drink peppermint tea when I am sick! Hope you feel better soon!

    • 11.28.12

      *adds that to the drugstore list* Thanks for the tip, Melissa! That sounds so soothing and lovely right now as I want to scratch my throat with a back-scratcher…

  7. 11.28.12

    Poor you!! Ergh I can completely relate to this. Every year I manage to be struck down with the dreaded bug. Unfortunately no miracle tips but drinking hot water with honey and lemon seems to help, if nothing it tastes lovely!! Hope you feel better soon :-)

    • 11.28.12

      I’ve heard that this is really good! Something about the hot water and lemon being good to “clean things out” and the honey is a good throat coat. My southern grandma used to add a good dose of hot sauce to the mix and make us drink it all down. She swore it was a miracle healer.

  8. 11.28.12

    i’m finally getting over this mean cold myself–cuddle seshes with my pup G, lots of soup, lots of liquids and gross cold medicine is finally working for me. being sick is the worst though, best of luck shaking it off soon.

    • 11.28.12

      Glad to hear there’s hope on the other side! ;-) Aren’t dog cuddles just the best medicine ever?

  9. 11.27.12
    Corinne said:

    Oh no! Get well soon! Being sick is the worst. I’m afraid I don’t have any miraculous cures – I always just gorge on fruit to try and clear it up! :)

    Life etc

    • 11.28.12

      I’m inhaling vitamin C in all forms, like it’s my job.

  10. 11.27.12
    amy said:

    hope you feel better soon

  11. 11.27.12
    Vanja said:

    Try to eat a lot of garlic. I know it’s gross and smelly, but it’s a natural antibiotic. Hope you feel better soon!

  12. 11.27.12
    Sam said:

    As a girl who suffers from serious sinus infections regularly throughout the winter, I offer you one minor and one major suggestion:

    Minor: NeilMed Sinus Rinse. I swear its a game changer and a lifesaver. Do a nasal rinse 2x a day and I promise it will make you feel better. I do it regularly during the fall/winter and it has saved me from many a nasty sinus infection. I know the idea of blowing water up your nose seems weird but it’s so much better than blowing out that (sorry to be so frank) nasty yellow gunk.

    Major: the chiropractor. It may not seem like that would help with your head cold/sinus problems but I saw my chiropractor for a year before move to Scotland and it completely changed my sinus problems. I started seeing him last November and I noticed a serious reduction in not only the number of sinus infections I had in the winter but my allergy symptoms in the spring! Not to mention near elimination of my tension headaches. It was like magic.

    I could go on and on but I’ll stop there. If you interested, let me know and I can give you more information!


    Feel better!!

    • 11.28.12
      EmilyT said:

      She’s right! Nasal rinse is a game changer for allergy/sinus sufferers! I was coming down with the-head-cold-from-hell 10 days ago and I didn’t have any rinse, so I just snorted warm salt water. Gross? yes, but it definitely helped. Also, consider buying a humidifier to turn on while you sleep so you won’t dry out, and VICKS VAPOR RUB. OMG it’s not sexy, but I totally rub it right under my nose so I can breathe at night.

      • 11.28.12

        A NetiPot has been on my shopping list since, like, 2007. How do I not have one of these magic healers yet!? I’ve heard such good things about them. Maybe I’m just too weirded out about the process… but clearly anything would be better than this funk I can’t seem to shake. As for a humidifier, I was JUST telling hubs this week that we need one. And I too am a firm believer in Vicks Vapor Rub. I need a refill come to think of it. Because let’s be honest, sexy went out the window around Monday when I started blowing my nose like a congested elephant… Thanks for the advice!

    • 11.28.12

      Thank you for this awesome advice, Sam! I’m all-too-familiar with the dreaded sinus infection. I used to get them all the time as a kid. I’ve never thought about a chiropractor before for prevention… I have a business bud who has his own practice, I think I’ll give him a call!

  13. 11.27.12

    Get well soon xxx

  14. 11.27.12
    Kristin said:

    A make-up tutorial by Kandee Johnson…you can google “kandee j makeup when you’re sick”… but here’s the link!

    • 11.28.12

      It exists!! Gah, I love the internet. Thank you!

  15. 11.27.12

    Sorry to hear you’re unwell. I always drink a lot of ginger and mint tea with some honey and lemon. Feel better :)