restyle: glittered-bow ballet flats


I dropped about 10 bucks on these LC Lauren Conrad woven leather ballet flats at Kohl’s last season. A ten-spot well spent; I wore them nearly every day for weeks after scooping them off the clearance rack. After a while, the cute little leather bows that made me fall in love-at-first-sight started showing wear and tear, long before the shoes themselves wore out. Which is weird, because they’re perched safely on top of my feet… but I seem to remember many of my Sam & Libby’s meeting the same untimely fate (hashtag 90’s kid problems).

My friend, Anne, is the queen of bringing haggard shoes back to life, so I thought to myself, “what would WobiSobi do?” She’d cover those scuffs with a concealing coat of glitter, that’s what she’d do.



I started by giving both bows a quick wipe-down with a wet paper towel to remove any dirt or dust that may interfere with adhesion. Once they were clean (and dry) I taped off the toes with blue painters tape.



Then, using the same glitter glue technique I used to make my Kate Spade-inspired glitter pouch, I made a thick glitter “paint” with Mod Podge and stippled it onto the bows.


I did a coat, then let it dry… did a coat, let it dry… until I reached the coverage I wanted. You could take a shortcut by sprinkling glitter on top of the glue mixture and sealing it with top coat of Mod Podge. In my mind, the coat-by-coat way is better because it’s easier to control the thickness and texture of the glitter, but to each her DIY-own.



They turned out pretty cute and festive — perfect for running around during the holiday season. I’m happy I bought a little more time with these beloved flats of mine, and if this post can help save just one other weary pair of favorite footwear from the trash bin, my work here is done. ;-)

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  1. 3.30.15
    mzyuridia said:

    This is great! it reminds me of the DIY sunglass post that I made a couple of days ago. check it out if you have a chance, I think we both have very similar interests :)

  2. 1.26.15
    khop27 said:

    SOOO cute! Love it. You should follow our blog East Coast Contessas. I think you’ll enjoy it. Love your blog!

  3. 2.20.13

    So cute

  4. 2.20.13

    I never thought that we could redecorate our shoes like that!
    Next time I’d try when any shoe gets faded.

  5. 1.27.13

    That’s adorable!!

  6. 1.3.13
    colourmei said:

    Reblogged this on ColourMei and commented:
    Awesome way to start 2013 with a bit of diy

  7. 12.19.12

    Reblogged this on Just Another Girl :).

  8. 12.19.12

    So adorable! I thought they looked pretty cute before but now they are just delicious!

  9. 12.19.12

    Yes very nice;)


  10. 12.18.12
    elkeeb said:

    Awesome DIY project!!

  11. 12.18.12

    very cute and great re-purposing, i like their reincarnation even better than the original :)

  12. 12.18.12

    so cute! what a great idea… i love kohl’s, but unfortunately never bought these lc flats :)

  13. 12.18.12

    What a cute idea!

  14. 12.18.12

    Oh! These are so cute!!! I have these flats!! =)

    Ergo – Blog