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  1. 2.1.13

    Your style is so cute! Love it!

  2. 1.6.13

    These outfits are really cool

  3. 1.3.13

    ADORABLE style!

  4. 12.31.12
    Carol said:

    My absolute fav is the one with the white shirt, gold broach at the neck and jeans. So chic!!

  5. 12.31.12

    Your outfits are fabulous! I love it all!

  6. 12.31.12

    Looking pretty in alll the outfits ! Loved all your outfits :D

  7. 12.30.12

    You are the cutest. Love your casual every day style! xox.

  8. 12.30.12
    peggy said:

    That picture of you in the coral dress from Target made me buy it-then it didn’t look good on me, like it looked fab on you and I returned it!! Happy 2013!

  9. 12.30.12

    I just finished writing my own 12 post! It’ll be up tomorrow! I absolutely love all of your purses! So chic!
    Happy New Year

  10. 12.30.12
    Shon said:

    Ok, so I only stalked/read your blog all year!! So, here is my first comment!! I love what you are doing. Much success to you and your husband in 2013!

  11. 12.30.12
    nicole s. said:

    you are seriously one of the happiest looking people i’ve ever seen. i love coming over to your blog for a smile and a good read. plus, you dress cute and you have a fabulous job. get on with your bad self! this new year is going to treat you *so* well!


  12. 12.30.12

    Love the idea of 12 from 2012. Very original! Your bags are too die for! Check out me and my sisters blog called Mila and Sofi :) It used to be Mila’s Thoughts but we transformed it to Mila and Sofi so that it can be us two!