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For me, getting dressed every day is kind of a balancing act. It’s important that I wear things that are practical for running around the shop, lifting things, standing at a design table for hours on end, etc. But it’s equally important to look put-together and professional, so I’m ready for anything. Like a walk-in bridal consult, a meeting with a new client, or the rare occasion that I — like today — open my day planner and realize, @$#!,  I totally forgot about that speed-business-networking thing at the Chamber of Commerce this afternoon. This is why I also keep a little stash of dress-up accessories in my desk at the shop, just in case. A crazy business woman style survival kit, if you will. It includes: a pair of nude Nine West pumps (which I’ll probably change into before heading to said networking thing later), a couple of neutral scarves in case I need to cover a bleach/tea/lunch stain from earlier in the day, a few cute statement pieces of costume jewelry, red lipstick, and dry shampoo. My momma taught me to always be prepared. And to always wear clean underwear; you just never know. 

Remix #1: Gap Always Skinny Jeans | New York & Company ruffle tee | LOFT jacket | Apt 9 colorblock scarf | Bucco riding boots via Hautelook ($38) | Nine West clutch (Macy’s clearance, $7.50)

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  1. 4.6.13

    Such a pretty outfit. You’re so beautyful. :)

  2. 3.14.13

    awww, you are so sweet! i like your outfits from the other posts wery much! you seem to be a very kind and positive person! all the best!<3

    • 3.22.13

      This is so sweet of you to say! Thank you for sharing!

  3. 3.3.13

    Love the clutch. You are a great style.

  4. 2.2.13
    Maddie said:

    I can totally understand about having to be ready for anything… the weather now is always changing its like I don’t even know what to decided half the time! In college we have to walk everywhere and I just can’t find a cute “ready for anything” outfit that can handle both school and weather! I’m wishing I had a balance——- btw, I Love this blog! Very interesting & Fabulous!

  5. 1.29.13

    This is a fabulous outfit – I love classy elegant looks. And the blazer + scarf combo is really pretty.

  6. 1.27.13
    alina said:

    i love the color of your purse, its flashy but not like a highway sign :) kidding, some gloves on the same color would look nice too. oooh and a cover for your phone or some earings, but thats just my opinion :)

  7. 1.26.13
    bluiyz said:

    Reblogged this on theunseasonedhousewife and commented:
    Love this “go to” idea for working or non-working moms

  8. 1.25.13

    The “crazy business woman style survival kit” is actually pretty clever!!

  9. 1.24.13

    you are so beautiful! Simple and beautiful.

  10. 1.23.13

    Look adorable! XO

  11. 1.23.13
    mferley said:

    super cute outfit! functional too!

  12. 1.23.13
    Terri said:

    That’s a pretty brilliant idea. Hope your networking thing went well!


  13. 1.23.13
    shannon said:

    You look gorgeous! Love your layers and stunning clutch.

  14. 1.23.13

    This is brilliant. Thanks for sharing! :)

  15. 1.23.13
    Michelle said:

    Very cute and comfortable! Also, LOVE the nailpolish color! Mind sharing?? :)

    • 1.23.13

      “Really Red” by Essie! I always finish my at-home manis with a topcoat of Essie’s “Good to Go,” which dries super quick and keeps them glassy for days after polishing :)

  16. 1.23.13
    Jupe said:

    This is such a great example of casual chic…with the high pony, silk scarf, and big glasses you look very Audrey! But the cozy boots and jeans keeps it comfy for a long day!

    <3 Cambria

    • 1.23.13

      Ahhh, best compliment over! I’m always striving to look more Audrey ;-)

  17. 1.23.13

    Hey love! Just discovered your wonderful blog and will definitely be visiting again. $7.50 for the clutch?!?! What a steal :)

  18. 1.22.13

    Love the simplicity of this outfit and that clutch. How did I miss it at Macys. Really nice

  19. 1.22.13

    That is a great idea! I don’t really have the need for a stash like that at the moment, but I’m still impressed :)

    ~Sarah of the New and Improved Sarah’s Real Life

  20. 1.22.13

    Oh you look stunning! I absolutely adore this look, Keira! xo

  21. 1.22.13
    corinnelifeetc said:

    Great look! I can totally see you transforming it into an evening look with those things from your ‘survival kit’! Haha it always pays to be prepared :)


  22. 1.22.13

    Great idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. 1.22.13

    Much like you, I feel like I refer to my house as my second home. My little shop is open 7 days a week so out of what I feel is necessity, I’ve set up a survival closet in my office. Make-up, accessories and a few go-to wardrobe essentials, it has ALL saved me on numerous occasions, especially the days that I give “that” sweater one more shot.
    Love knowing I’m not alone. Fab advice!

    • 1.22.13

      “I refer to my house as my second home.” <– word.

      I checked out your shop on Facebook, and it looks lovely! :)

  24. 1.22.13

    Love those boots!

    • 1.22.13

      Thank you! They’re my favorites this season, and were really affordable!

  25. 1.22.13

    Love love this!

    Yours Fashionably


  26. 1.22.13
    steffy said:

    What a great idea, to have those things on hand. I’m kind of the opposite, I need to have comfies on stash at work, just in case I decide to run errands after work and my dress and heels choice for that day just don’t quite work. So I keep a hoodie, sweats and tennis shoes in my drawer!

    • 1.22.13

      So funny, when I worked in a corporate job I did the exact same thing! I kept a little stash of flats and jeans in my car all the time, just in case something casual came up after work. I also loved those little roll-up flats that you can stash in a handbag!

    • 1.23.13

      My mum always makes sure we go to the toilet before leaving anywhere… Like you said… You never know!