manicure monday: sleek sticks

Essie sleek stick
{ Art Deco Beaded Clutch c/o BHLDN}

Essie is one of my favorite beauty brands. Even before their pretty polishes started showing up on my drugstore’s shelves, I searched the sale bins for marked down bottles at specialty stores. I love their highly pigmented colors, and I can make an all-Essie manicure last at least a week.

So when I spotted a glossy ad for Essie Sleek Sticks in a magazine a few months ago, my heart pitter-pattered. I didn’t know where to find them, so I filed it away in my mental wish list and went about my business.

Essie Sleek Sticks
{seriously, how’s a girl supposed to choose?!}

Late last week, while cruising Walgreens for toothpaste and deodorant for the mister, I breezed down the beauty aisle and there they were!! I wanted. them. all. I stood, mouth agape, for a good five minutes trying to decide which pattern to buy. As if it was a permanent and unalterable choice. Weirdo.

One agonizing decision and about $11 later, I was on my way. Like other polish strips, application was easy breezy and took about five minutes start-to-finish {and no dry time, FTW!}.

Essie sleek stick 2
{ Essie Sleek Sticks in “Glam it On” }

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31 thoughts on “manicure monday: sleek sticks

  1. These look awesome! So, are they the color and the design or do you have to paint and then the design is an applique for over your paint? Clearly, I’ve been in a box. No, really… if my house was a box, I’d say I’ve been in a box for about 8 months. Shew! Time to get back out there!

  2. They are beautiful! How long do they stay on? I’m always worried that they won’t fit my nail beds correctly, either! Let us know how things turn out, though.

  3. I didn’t know about these?!?!? I love any Essie polish because your totally right, it lasts a very long time and has such deep beautiful colors! I have to check out Walgreens for these!!! =)

  4. I love Essie and I love them even more now that they’re not salon only. It’s been that way for a few years but I remember having to buy them from the nail salon along with OPI (which even Publix sells now!).
    I know the closest one is 30 minutes away from Winter Haven but Target has the entire line of polishes and strips.: ) I can’t leave without buying one. It’s dangerous.

    1. Oh man, Target is my kryptonite. I’m actually grateful that we don’t have one in town yet. I can’t make it out of there without a tee/sweater/scarf/bag/lipgloss/stationery. It’s trouble!

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