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Please pardon my mess of a top-knot. While I finally had a chance to wash my hair this morning {God bless my sweet husband’s heart for letting me sleep in and stroll in to work two hours late} I’m afraid I didn’t have the energy to do much else. I did manage to slap on some makeup and put on a clean pair of jeans, so two out of three ain’t bad.

My head is still spinning from last week. I snuck in a luxuriously long nap Sunday afternoon  — and several generously poured glasses of Merlot — but I haven’t completely recovered from the holiday. Maybe I have a rare florist-attacking strain of lovesickness? Symptoms include extreme fatigue, aversion to glittery hearts and red roses, body aches, memory loss, and reckless consumption of leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate. Any other flower veterans that can confirm this self-diagnosis?

{ Wearing: Target sweater; thrifted denim button-down; Gap jeans; JCrew espadrilles; Romeo & Juliet Couture handbag via Hautelook }

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  1. 5.9.13

    I love your sweater yellow!
    I following you

  2. 2.21.13

    Your outfit is so cute! Love it! I think you would also love our pieces at Spaces and Gems. Check us out:

  3. 2.20.13
    Christine said:

    Amazing! My sister loves stars, so he eyes would probably pop out of her head like a cartoon!

  4. 2.20.13

    Your smile is the perfect ending touch to that whole outfit. :D

  5. 2.19.13
    corinnelifeetc said:

    Love this outfit! That starry top is so bright and cheerful! Haha and I’m doing the two out of three thing a lot recently too :)

  6. 2.19.13

    I am in love with that yellow sweater! Is it from this season? I’ve got an illness that involves buying too many things with stars (or owls) on them, myself. :D

    • 2.21.13

      Hi Kellie Ann! I found it on a clearance rack last season, so it’s probably long gone now. I love owls, too!

  7. 2.19.13
    heidikins said:

    I have almost everything to recreate this look! My yellow sweater doesn’t have those cute stars, but it does have a fun white silhouette on the chest-pocket area, so I’m counting it! Love!


    • 2.21.13

      I love it when that happens, Heidi! I’d love to see your version :)

  8. 2.19.13

    I love this outfit! That jumper is so cute. I think the casual hair looks great with a casual outfit too! :-)

  9. 2.19.13

    Hi I nominated you to the versatile blogger award. Here are the rules:
    Congratulations :)

  10. 2.19.13
    bowtalks said:

    very bright sweater, absolutely the one to brighten up your day .

  11. 2.18.13

    What a fun look – your big gorge smile is the perfect finishing touch!

  12. 2.18.13

    LOVE this outfit so cute

  13. 2.18.13

    Your sweater is so cute

  14. 2.18.13

    Haha I love your diagnosis! I’m sure it is a very real thing! You look fabulous. I have only just come across your blog, and I love it :) x x

  15. 2.18.13

    Your sweater is completely gorgeous, and i’m also loving your jewelry!
    Great post!
    -Holly x

  16. 2.18.13

    U are very very nice I absolutely love your sweater :)

  17. 2.18.13

    You look absolutely divine, no signs of you running late sweetie! Love the bright yellow cardi, makes me want to wish for spring!

    Cee. ♥