leggings are not pants. but gosh, they are comfortable.





Today, in lessons of thou shall never say never:

Once upon a time — when my closet was filled with pencil skirts, Express Editors, stilettos and all other manner of 9 to 5 attire — I put my nose in the air and proclaimed, “I will never wear leggings out of the house!” I relegated them to loungewear and workout gear; which means I mostly just wore them while lounging because I don’t work out enough to need gear.

Cut to present, and I can’t think of anything I’d rather pull on for a crazy day of running around the flower shop than some soft stretchy leggings, a long [read: bum-covering] tunic or sweater, and flats. If 23-year old corporate Keira could see me now, she’d shake her head in shame.

However, I’m still adamant that I will never leave the house wearing leggings as pants. See: Am I Wearing Pants?

Wearing: LC Lauren Conrad top; Simply Vera Vera Wang denim leggings; Op floral cami (Wal-Mart), Bucco boots and Romeo & Juliet Couture handbag (both via Hautelook)

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41 thoughts on “leggings are not pants. but gosh, they are comfortable.

  1. I absolutely HATE this trend! I am a high school student, and all I see is girls wearing skin tight leggings as “pants”. They’re NOT pants and the the only way I ever wear leggings is with a skirt or a dress over them, and a decent length one at that! What parents would let their teenage daughter wear leggings as pants to school? Shoot, if I ever tried to wear leggings as pants my parents would tell me to get my butt back inside and put some freaking clothes on! That just looks nasty and attention seeking. It is totally inappropriate!

    1. I am sorry but I have to disagree with your comments that leggings are not pants. Leggings are the only pants that I own and other than special occassions I wear leggings everyday. Look around you everybody owns, wears leggings and most wear them as pants. How can so many people be wrong? Who would wear a skirt or dress over pants unless you are still in grade school. Be carefull, if you do try wearing a pair of leggings you may get hooked on how comfortable they are.

    2. I agree that leggings are not pants!!! They do no look appropriate as pants nor do they look attractive as pants! But the way you have them here looks really nice.

  2. Ive said that soooo many times (once very loudly in front of a girl currently wearing leggings, which I swear was an accident) but I am on the verge of adding them to my daily rotation.

      1. Just go for it. My daughter bought me a pair of leggings and I laughed and said I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing them things. When I was alone I started wearing them around the house and eventually out to do small errands and now I wear them every where. Once your confident it becomes second nature just to through on a pair of leggings and your good for the day. Leggings are so comfortable that I hate when I have to dress for special occassions because I never want to put real pants on.

  3. I must say I am guity of wearing leggings as pants, but everyone else where I live wears them that way. As long as they’re not see through I don’t see anything wrong with wearing them with a normal length top. After getting rid of all my uncomfortable jeans I have to wear leggings 24/7 and I love them.

  4. As long as your bum is covered I think it’s fine! It drives me nuts when girls wear them as pants with a little baby tshirt. It drives me even more nuts when you can see right through them!
    With Luck

  5. Reblogged this on tamvelina and commented:
    We feel you! leggings are super comfortable even though some people dislikes this kind of outfit, but then again, if it fits your personality and you feel confident with it, then go for it! viva legging!

  6. Love your outfit, it does look comfy! I agree with you, I can’t stand people wearing leggings (especially if they’re the super thin ones!) as pants.. it’s just, ugh!! No matter how thick your leggings are, I can’t see them as pants ever – or at least if you go outside with it. I got a friend that’s infamous for wearing leggings as pants but despite my advice and so many others, she still wears them as pants when we go out :(

  7. Gosh! they are! But you gotta be careful because they are so comfortable and you will never wanna wear jeans and when you find out later that you have put on some lbs. :( (NOT meant for you at all, YOU look Beautiful. This was ME )

  8. I think jeggings are just fine to leave the house in, especially when you cover up your “stuff”. The worst is when I see a girl – whether she has a fabulous body or not – wearing super tight, thin black leggings with a short top showing all her girly glory. It’s just not right.

    1. I agree and horse hips just do not fit into super slim leggings. Nothing more offensive for the public forced to view.
      I wouldnt be without my leggings. My older ones i keep for pyjamas along with long sleeved tunic tops,the newer ones i wear outside and in. A good quality pair for outside though!

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