late adopter: neon skinnies




Okay, so I’m a little late to the neon party. In my marketing 101 classes, they called consumers like me late adopters. Simply put: we’re not exactly the first in line to buy the next big thing. Case in point: I didn’t have an iPad until about two weeks ago, when my hip (and somehow surpassing me in technology lately?) parents surprised me with one and brought me into the 21st century.

In the case of florescent apparel, I figure I met my lifetime quota of day-glo outfits by around 1996. Once again, it took an act of major clearance to get me to jump on the trend train.

Last weekend, I was on the prowl for swimsuits for a special girl’s trip next month. {Sidebar: swimsuit shopping is just the worst kind of torture.} My hunting led me to Marshall’s, Target, and later to Kohl’s, where I’m powerless against the pull of the seductive 70% off racks. I found these soft stretch ankle skinnies in bright lime green and soft baby blue for $14.50 each and scooped up both pair.

Wearing: LOFT tee, Simply Vera Vera Wang ankle skinnies, vintage necklace (m.marie), Seychelles gold Vulture pump and Romeo & Juliet Couture bag (both via Hautelook

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  1. 4.18.13

    I love skinny jeans

  2. 3.28.13

    I am also a bit late with my neon skinnies I discovered only a month ago. Here where I live though, I was the first to challenge them! I teamed it up with a leopard print tee and got so many compliments!

  3. 3.28.13

    I am also a bit late with my neon skinnies I discovered only a month ago. Here where I live though, I was the first to challenge them! I teamed it up with a leopard print tee and got so many compliments!

  4. 3.25.13
    abbyabbyabbyy said:

    You look great! I love neon pants! I have a pair from the Gap and it took a huge clearance to get me to buy a pair too! ha!

  5. 3.23.13
    Afrophire said:

    Love your outfit and your bag is everything… Great for Spring. I think it’s great that your parents bought you an iPad, lol.

  6. 3.21.13

    Love everything about this outfit!!! This makes me so happy that it’s finally spring!!!


    • 3.22.13

      So sweet, Haley! Spring is my favorite, too. I love the prints and colors :-)

  7. 3.20.13

    Lovin the striped shirt and that bag is amazing!!

  8. 3.18.13

    Adore the jeans on you! So pretty with the striped top, and I’m hoping to finally add coloured jeans to my wardrobe this spring. I’m definitley late to that party!! ;)

  9. 3.18.13

    Great title, late adopter, I love it! I am super late half the time, and I find, if you are late enough, you end up being early!!

  10. 3.17.13
    Kat said:

    At a price like that I’d say it’s worth it to hop on the trend train a little late :-)

  11. 3.17.13
    Weesha said:

    I just jumped on board the neon skinnies bandwagon too, you’re not alone! You look gorgeous, love the jeans and the bag x

  12. 3.16.13

    I’m still deciding on the whole coloured jeans looks so I’m really far behind! Think I’ll just stick to my all round multi tasking black skinnies :)

    • 3.22.13

      You can’t go wrong with classic black skinnies!

  13. 3.14.13
    ChicLush said:

    Loving your blog! Please also check out mine if you have the chance :). Thanks!

  14. 3.14.13
    Jessica said:

    Love the neon skinnies! I’m a late adopter too. I only just recently got a bright pink skinny jeans and got a lot of compliments on them already.. planning to buy blue and green ones soon!

    • 3.22.13

      Once you take the leap, there’s no going back ;-)

  15. 3.14.13

    Beautiful outfit;)xo

  16. 3.14.13
    kelsey said:

    gorgeous pants!
    kw ladies in navy

  17. 3.14.13

    love the stripes and the neons.. but what i’m really loving are the accessories
    the statement necklace, and that BAG. unf.

  18. 3.14.13

    Looking fabulous, even if you are a late adopter!

  19. 3.14.13

    They look great on you! Love the colour you chose!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent and I have shoes on the brain! Seriously, who doesn’t love shoes. This collection would have Carrie Bradshaw drooling!

  20. 3.14.13

    i love the neon and the fact that you tone it down with the top makes it work for you. love the bag. good choices :)

  21. 3.14.13

    I love the neon trend.. Although I also did wear a lot of it in my childhood as well. My dad made me wear the brightest ski coats,”so he could spot us”. Haha!

    • 3.22.13

      This made me laugh!! I remember when I was little, any time we went on vacation or to a theme park my family made me wear neon so they could easily spot me, “just in case.”

  22. 3.14.13

    Very classy ! I like it.

  23. 3.14.13
    shannon said:

    LOVE the skinnies on you!

  24. 3.14.13
    bowtalks said:

    love the bright colours

  25. 3.14.13
    Sam Birdy said:

    The whole late adopter thing is definitely me! The neon skinnies look great on you, I think I’m going to have to give them a try for myself :)

    • 3.22.13

      Finding a piece I’m unsure of on clearance is always a good way for me to dip my toes in the trend water ;-)

  26. 3.13.13

    Love them! I’m having a hard time embracing the neons again too. They look fab on you!

  27. 3.13.13

    I think I’m going to be a very late adopter with neon, I’m still trying to convince myself to try animal print and florals!! Lovely outfit, as always… you look great!!

    Have a great day,

    • 3.22.13

      You’ve gotta get some leopard print in your life, at least!! ;-) Maybe start with a cute clutch, scarf or pair of shoes that you can add to a basic outfit to get comfortable with the idea of prints?

  28. 3.13.13

    Late adopter! That completely describes me!

  29. 3.13.13

    Very springy cute look!

    please check out my style blog at :)

  30. 3.13.13
    xxcsg said:

    We did about consumer categories and everyone started to call me a laggard in each class, meanies! Neon looks amazing on you :) x

  31. 3.13.13
    maddya said:

    Never too late, looks lovely.