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Lately I’ve been in a mood to stock my closet with all manner of cute creamy tops — soft roomy tees, tunic blouses, and crochet tanks — because I feel like it would make getting dressed so easy every day. Ivory top + just about any bottom = no-brainer and more sleeping time.

When I spotted this lace peplum in the juniors department at Target for $19.99, I thought it fit the bill. By now, I should know better than to shop in the juniors department of any retail establishment.

You see, this little peplum number has a gold zipper up the back {ka-uuute!} which was part of the gotta-get-it charm. It wasn’t until I put it on the first time earlier this month that I realized it didn’t have a hook-and-eye or any other closure to keep it, um, zipped. When I reached into the refrigerator to grab the milk, I unzipped a little. {Ugh, awkwardly zip myself back up.}  Later, I stretched my arms over my head to work my unruly hair into a top knot and unzipped a little more. {Roll eyes, rezip}. I bent over to put on my shoes and unzipped all the way. {omigosh.}

A normal person would’ve taken the top off and marched it straight back to Target; but I made a judgement call to “make it work.”

I mean, it was 20 bucks and I could, like, feel the zipper slide down exposing my decency so I could zip it back up and be on my way! And it was 20 bucks. I’d just make a conscious effort to not make any sudden movements, or perform any tasks that required bending over. Plus, I really want to make this lazy cream blouse recipe thing work, and the details are just so charming, and it was 20 bucks.

I spent that entire day zipping myself into this top, ad nauseum. That was a few weeks ago. Then this morning, I put it on again. Hey guess what? The zipper didn’t fix itself while hanging in my closet.

Do normal people alter the activities of their day to accomodate a cheap trendy item of clothing? No, just me?




Target lace peplum top, Ann Taylor skirt, Nine West sandals, Big Buddha clutch, Daniel Wellington watch, and Tom Ford sunglasses


  1. Aww, I think the blouse is pretty– I love anything eyelet– but I’m sorry to hear about the zipper issue. I like Kellie Ann’s idea of using a small safety pin to keep it up. Your hubby can help you pin it!


  2. Melissa says

    Very Cute tho.. love the cream top idea. Maybe I’ll run to target to find me one. Love your sunnies BTW


  3. suezanne says

    Now why is it I can not find cute tops like that at Target. I would keep it:) looks like some thing that can stay in closet and would go great with a pair of old jeans and boots. Throw a turtle neck under it in winter add a scarf. Call it done. So between now and then get a hook and eye. Keep us posted:0 ) You have a beautiful spirit:) have a blessed day.


  4. I had a similar problem with a dress from Marshalls. I found it in the junior’s section with the price marked waaaaay down, most likely because of the zipper issue, but I can slip it over my head with the zipper all the way up, so I just put a tiny safety pin right below the zipper contraption (with the catch and all on the inside of the dress) and there it has stayed! I don’t even remember that it’s there half the time. :)


  5. Maybe use a cute broach to pin the zipper hanger to the shirt to prevent it from sliding down.


  6. Unless you’re crafty enough to sew on your own hook and eye closure, I don’t think this shirt is worth your hard-earned $20! Sometimes I buy things because they look great but they wrinkle/itch/insert problem here, and I end up wearing them twice and then avoiding them for 3 years before I finally give them to Goodwill. I just don’t think it makes sense to spend $20 on something you’ll wear twice. But if it’s too late to return it, just force yourself to put on the hook and eye so you’ll actually wear it without staying still the entire day!

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life


  7. Jackie says

    I had the same thing! I bought the emerald color for family photos and the zipper jelly sliding down! I asked my husband if I missed a clasp but nope just a faulty zipper. Was annoying and haven’t worn it since,


  8. I would have turned it around backward and layered it over a colored tank, unzipped. Trendy is fun, except when sewn wrong or with cheap zippers!


  9. Doesn’t look like a junior department shirt! Target saves the day again! Also, I have the same mindset with white/cream tops…in the winter it’s black.


  10. Sew a hook and eye on that business (or have a friend/tailor do it)!!! It’s super cute and you can easily save this top in under $10 & 10 minutes.


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